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Automate application delivery through the virtualization platform of your choice.

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“Application Down” Automation Solution


Since 2001, Cloud Sidekick has been developing enterprise-class automation solutions that approach automation from the perspective of distributed applications – not infrastructure. Our software joins robust application automation tools with a template-based provisioning technology. Maestro is the single-pane of glass in which application owners, DevOps and IT can provision, manage and terminate application deployments across traditional/dedicated servers, VMware/vCloud, private and public infrastructure.


“In the wireless business, we have to do extensive testing when we make even the slightest change to a customer billing plan…it was taking our operations team about twenty hours to manually create a single test or QA stack suitable for use. Now we’ve got that process fully automated and it takes just a few minutes.” – Ron Eubanks, VP of Operations at T-Mobile.



  • Password and Private Key abstraction – stored encrypted and associated with systems so users don’t need to know or manage them
  • Centralized script management repository means no scripts on servers
  • Parallel automation workflows speeds execution across multiple servers/platforms
  • RBAC User Interface streamlines makes workflow development and customization
  • REST web service delivered API and Command line allows automation to be initiated from any external source


  • Self-Service Portal that is customizable and designed to suit the needs of application owners, testers and developers
  • Application deployments are fully described in JSON file-based templates so they can be easily customized and managed by source control
  • Maestro manages dependencies, sequencing and workflow so automation is delivered in the proper order and with appropriate timing
  • Supports VMware/vCloud, Eucalyptus, AWS as well as traditional/dedicated servers
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Watch Cloud Sidekick Maestro set up a compete custom PeopleSoft instance in AWS just for You!



Test Drive Maestro Deploying PeopleSoft at Amazon AWS

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