Cirba is predictive analytics software that enables organizations to intelligently transform, control and automate virtual and cloud infrastructure.

The Cirba Control Console

Cirba’s Control Console gives you unprecedented control over the efficiency and risk of virtual and cloud infrastructure. This revolutionary console shows you in a single glance which VMs, hosts, clusters and environments need attention and also provides the explicit workload placements, resource allocations, and capacity changes required for optimization.

Imagine knowing that you have the perfect amount of infrastructure to satisfy SLA and policy requirements, without having too much. And that your workloads are optimally placed and configured. This is the power of Cirba.

Cirba’s Control Console enables you to:

  1. Visualize – In a single glance, see which resources are appropriately placed, provisioned, and configured and which are at risk.
  2. Control – Precise actions are derived from policies and operational data to provide IT with unprecedented control over virtual and cloud infrastructure.
  3. Automate – Integrate Cirba with existing management systems to safely automate actions that improve efficiency and reduce risk.

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Cirba Control Console

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