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BlueStripe’s FactFinder application management solution helps IT Operations and Support teams manage the performance and availability of application transaction systems. FactFinder follows transactions wherever they go – across tiers, across platforms, and across different environments – even into virtual machines, private clouds, and third party services.

Built specifically for IT Operations teams, FactFinder discovers, maps, and monitors application transaction systems automatically – requiring no developers to configure or use, FactFinder is the only application management solution that, within a single product, monitors all of the following:

  • Transactions, hop-by-hop and process to process
  • The Application Platforms running those transactions
  • The underlying Infrastructure the transactions depend on

Conventional application management tools lack full visibility into complex application systems making it difficult to solve most application performance and availability issues. FactFinder goes beyond code and transaction tracing to deliver comprehensive application & transaction monitoring, quick problem isolation, and complete benchmarking capabilities.

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Application Mapping & Monitoring

Effective application and transaction performance management begins with understanding how applications and transactions are running across the infrastructure. FactFinder automatically discovers all application and transaction dependencies, mapping out the application topology and transaction paths – in real time. For better problem solving and monitoring, FactFinder discovers:

  • Transactions, measured hop-by-hop, across the infrastructure
  • Application components that execute the transactions
  • Servers (including middleware) and connections the transactions depend on

Broad Application Support

FactFinder isn’t limited to a specific application platform or technology, discovering and monitoring any network connected application (packaged applications like SAP and PeopleSoft, web applications, custom code, and more). FactFinder sees it all, maps it all, and monitors performance across everything it sees including web servers, middleware, security, storage, and any other resources used by the applications.

FactFinder even sees across the boundaries between physical and virtual environments, which cause other management tools to lose application visibility. No matter what your environment includes – physical, virtual, or cloud – FactFinder manages any TCP/IP-connected application, including:

  • Java EE, .NET, C++, and any other custom code
  • Citrix, SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and any other packaged application
  • Any Microsoft platform including Exchange, SharePoint, and BizTalk
  • IIS, Apache, and other application components
  • Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, and any other database
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Root Cause Determination

When transaction availability or performance issues occur, IT Operations must quickly resolve the issue. FactFinder quickly gets to the heart of any problem, whether that problem is unique to a specific transaction, connected to the broader application, or systemic across all applications and transactions.

FactFinder’s unique ability to see transaction and application performance together, in context of the underlying infrastructure, powers a fast and easy methodology that enables any IT Operations team member to determine the root cause fast – up to 90% faster than with other tools.

  • FactFinder follows transactions to the problem component
  • Then drills down from the transaction into the server stack to determine the root cause
  • Complete Application Transaction System visibility gets to the “true” cause of any problem, even if it’s another application or tool

Correlatron™ Transaction Analytics Workbench

Correlatron accelerates root cause analysis by eliminating the metric noise across application systems. Correlatron eliminates metrics that have no bearing on the transaction being examined, then performs statistical analysis to identify the most likely problem culprits.

When application performance issues arise, Correlatron isolates only the metrics and resources along the problem transaction path; then creates a prioritized short list of correlated resources and response times – indicating where triage should begin. Correlatron also automatically points out when other applications or tools deplete critical resources, causing the problem.

Real-time and Historical Problem Solving

Sometimes problems occur late at night, or over the weekend. Effective application management solutions enable support teams to get to the heart of all problems, Application management solutions This unique methodology can be followed whether solving a live problem (in real time) or trying to determine the cause of a past outage. FactFinder’s historical information, called a SnapShot™, captures not only performance information, but also all dependencies and maps, making it possible to truly solve a problem that happened yesterday (or last week).

Out-of-the-box triage and performance reports allow the IT Operations team to effectively prove their findings to the technology experts assigned to fix the issue. The report can even be attached to a third party trouble ticket.

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Transaction Monitoring & Tracing

FactFinder bridges the management gap between transactions, applications, and the underlying infrastructure. BlueStripe’s unique approach to transaction performance management helps IT Operations and Support teams understand how transactions and applications perform in context with each other.

When transaction problems occur, BlueStripe uniquely helps IT Operations teams determine not only WHERE a problem occurred, but also WHY it occurred.

FactFinder’s Unique Approach to Transaction Monitoring

  • FactFinder simultaneously tracks transactions in three ways:
  • Collection of Transaction Requests that make up a business application
  • All transaction requests of a specific transaction (“Order Book” as an example)
  • A single specific transaction

Cross Machine Transaction View

FactFinder is the only application management solution that includes Cross-Machine Transaction Views, visual timeline stacks of a specific transaction (i.e., “checkout”) correlated across infrastructure systems. This unique visualization enables IT Operations teams to quickly isolate the root cause of transaction issues, from single transactions to collections of transactions or system-wide application systems.

Web Page Breakdown

The Transaction Timeline is also available from a Web Page component perspective, creating a timeline for each web page component, as well as the overall performance timing. Support teams get insight into individual page components (including live components) to identify the exact cause of a slow page.

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