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Who We Are

Atlantis Computing® is a software company that optimizes how storage is consumed in virtualized datacenters. Our award-winning solutions enable our customers to cut the amount of storage used by each virtual machine (VM), while boosting application performance and delivering increased storage flexibility in the datacenter.

We offer 100% software solutions that work with any enterprise storage, any server, and any hypervisor. We help build virtual storage environments that are simpler, faster, cheaper, and easier to manage – delivering dramatic ROI.
Our solutions offer comprehensive optimizations for virtual workloads such as databases, Microsoft Exchange, Big Data, test & development, line-of-business applications, virtual Citrix XenApp implementations, and virtual desktop deployments.

Our Customers

The cost and complexity of managing storage in virtualized environments has been a challenge for IT, often having to sacrifice storage capacity to deliver adequate VM performance. Our Atlantis ILIO In-Memory Storage™ technology addresses these issues head-on. It intelligently processes all storage IO traffic before it leaves the hypervisor to dramatically cut the amount of data sent to storage – up to 90% less – while boosting VM performance. Atlantis ILIO® also brings tremendous operational simplicity with automated deployment and ultra-fast provisioning engines that integrate with existing infrastructures.
Today, we enable the largest and most successful virtualization deployments in the world – proven at very large scale in hundreds of mission-critical deployments across all vertical markets: banking, healthcare, insurance, retail, energy, services, education, manufacturing, telecom, hosting providers, government sectors, and more – including the largest VDI deployment in the world: 100,000 users at JPMorgan Chase.

  1. Atlantis Computing Technology Stack Atlantis ILIO is unique software that combines IO optimization with ILIO In-Memory Storage to deliver performance acceleration and decrease the storage capacity normally required. This is the only solution that uses RAM as storage to drive workloads at incredible performance levels.
  2. Our solutions are truly enterprise-class, tested and deployed at large scale.
  3. We are experts in virtualization and storage, and provide our customers with access to our deep architecture and operationalization expertise to de-risk any project.
  4. We deliver engines to automate installation and configuration in rapid time – hundreds of servers can be set up in a few hours – and we can provision and clone thousands of VMs in under an hour.
  5. Globally, we have more VDI related storage optimized than the sum total of all other flash and converged storage companies combined.
  6. Our 4th generation technology is backed by numerous pending patents for the industry’s most mature and reliable In-Memory Storage platform.

For virtualized server workloads, customers use Atlantis ILIO USX™ to deploy up to five times more VMs on their existing storage, while enabling SAN and NAS arrays to be shared across the datacenter by even the most “performance intensive” applications. Our solutions also enable the creation of new software-defined hyper-converged systems where server RAM, Flash, SSDs, and local drives are pooled to create an integrated storage and compute platform shared by any number of applications. Northrim Bank doubled their available storage capacity and delivered a 10x increase in performance, lowering their costs and helping accelerate branch expansion efforts.

For customers virtualizing desktops, we make VDI economically feasible while reducing deployment risks and boosting performance. Healthcare clients like University Hospitals of Leicester save doctor and staff time by reducing boot time from 15 minutes to 5 seconds, and login times to under 10 seconds. Leading global retailer Fellowes was able to support four times more users while saving over £500,000 simply by adding our software to their existing environment. With Atlantis ILIO, VDI desktops are faster and cheaper than PCs.

Virtualized XenApp customers appreciate that our solutions address the PVS write cache sizing challenges to deliver predictable costs and performance in order to guarantee successful projects. Kelway, an international IT services and solutions provider, saw a 70% reduction in helpdesk calls once they deployed our solution. Customers such as the US Army Medical Command achieved significant CAPEX savings by gaining an 85% increase in their storage capacity.

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