Application Performance Monitoring for Virtual Desktops

Virtualization disrupts the traditional relationship between applications, physical hardware, operating systems and presentation. Without comprehensive visibility into application performance as experienced by their end users, IT operations and application owners lack the critical insight needed to effectively plan, manage and troubleshoot Virtual Desktop environments.

Aternity for VDI uniquely close the application performance visibility gap in Virtual Desktop environments, providing enterprises with comprehensive monitoring of any business transaction within any packaged or custom application running on any desktop virtualization technology. It enables usage and performance trending for VDI assessments and insight into end user productivity, as well as real-time correlation and advanced analytics across all tiers of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

In order to close the application performance visibility gap in Virtual Desktop environments, Aternity illuminates the four primary Virtual Desktop blind spots:

  • Application Execution Time: The actual time spent processing the transaction by the Virtual Desktop
  • Host Resource Availability: The ability of a Virtual Desktop to acquire sufficient host resources to optimally execute its tasks
  • Infrastructure Latency: Remote file share performance as well as the total Network and Server time spent until the Virtual Desktop receives a response from the application’s server-side components
  • Client-side Latency: The latency of the remote display protocol, responsible for painting the End Point device’s screen, as experienced by the user


By effectively transforming every Virtual Desktop into a self-monitoring platform that is user experience aware, Aternity closes the visibility gap across all three components that together impact Virtual Desktop End User Experience: Application Performance, Device Performance and User Productivity.

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