Business Risk Management
Finding a Seat at the Business Table

To be successful in today’s world, organizations must move from being customer focused to being customer obsessed. The good news is that IT sits at the nexus of the customer and the business services they consume. Given visibility into business metrics, technology executives can drive innovation to increase revenue and customer retention, respond immediately to what customers require and engage the company in innovation. Aligning IT systems with business goals is what successful IT organizations are doing and AppFirst is the only company that can deliver details of your business risks as they are related to your IT systems.

Do you want to be this Tech Exec?

  • See a drop in shoppers in your online store.
  • Notice that network bandwidth has slowed down.
  • Your head of DevOps is already looking at the issue because he saw it too.
  • Issue resolved 90% faster than before AppFirst.

Using the AppFirst Business Risk Management solution brings together the business and IT by delivering a shared view of business and system metrics.


Be Proactive. Don’t Just Aspire To Be.

Complete visibility, from across the application infrastructure and from multiple data sources, all aggregated into a single repository is what enables you to be proactive. Know about issues before they lead to problems and affect your customers. AppFirst’s Systems Risk Management solution delivers complete visibility to DevOps. Data from a wide range of data sources, including AppFirst C.H.I.P. data, Log Files, Nagios plugins, Windows Performance Counters just to name a few, are all aggregated in a single repository – just what you need to begin tackling system issues.

Too busy to set everything up? While it doesn’t take much time, AppFirst can do it for you with our Jumpstart and Systems Risk Services offerings.

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