CloudLink® is a leading provider of advanced data security and encryption management products. Enterprises and service providers trust CloudLink to secure mission-critical data and sensitive customer information in multi-tenant private, public and hybrid clouds. CloudLink is certified by world-recognized leaders in cloud technologies like AWS™, EMC®, Microsoft®, RSA®, VCE® and VMware®. For more information, visit

CloudLink Platform

Cloud computing offers undeniable benefits for deployment flexibility, infrastructure scalability, and cost-effective use of resources but also amplifies data security and compliance risk.
The CloudLink® Platform answers these challenges with a holistic data encryption solution for the hybrid cloud. CloudLink provides the encryption foundation for securing mission-critical data across workloads wherever they run and provides a number of encryption modules to encrypt at multiple layers of the cloud stack.



CloudLink Center provides a single security management plane across your entire deployment and includes pre-built integration with leading virtualization and cloud platforms.

CloudLink Encryption Modules

CloudLink is uniquely designed to secure data at multiple layers from storage, to virtual machine, to file, enabling organization to address multiple business initiatives or use cases from a common security framework.
Secure.VM.VSA.FileEncryption of storage is the primary requirement for compliance with many regulations. Because CloudLink SecureVSA is agentless, there’s no need to modify applications or the underlying storage infrastructure. This module is easy to provision, enables organizations to selectively encrypt sensitive data on an individual application or tenant basis, and has negligible impact on storage performance.

Virtual machines consume storage through virtual disks or volumes. CloudLink SecureVM encrypts individual volumes, including OS boot volumes, to provide more granular control over data being encrypted. SecureVM not only secures sensitive data, but protects the integrity of the virtual machine against unauthorized modifications.
CloudLink SecureFILE increases encryption granularity by securing files stored in pre defined network storage shares and is designed to preserve the advanced file management capabilities of scale out storage platforms. CloudLink SecureFILE is unique in that it allows for targeted encryption based policies on sensitive applications encrypting files everywhere, or only if written to specified folders or network shares. In addition, you can mandate that data copied to the clipboard is encrypted and only accessible when policy is met.

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