In-Kernel vs. VSA: The Phony War of Hyperconverged Marketing

DataCenterVirtualizationWorking on the edges of marketing is interesting. As a technical person, I sometimes find that marketing people do strange things. I find it particularly funny when marketing departments from competing vendors have public arguments that are irrelevant to their customers. I see that going on now between some of the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) vendors. These HCI vendors are arguing that their choice of in-kernel or VSA-based storage clustering is better. While it is an architectural point of difference, I don’t think that customers care, since it doesn’t change how they choose or use HCI. I’ll take a look at the differences between VSA and in-kernel. However, I’ll close with a review of what customers actually care about.

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VMware Log Insight Just Became a Whole Lot Free-er


Early last week, VMware made its vRealize Log Insight product available in a free limited form. The short version is that every copy of vCenter (full fat, not just essentials, as far as I can see) gets twenty-five restricted licenses of Log Insight now, rolled out through the usual software channels. This is an automatic upgrade, and the download is available with no further action.

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The Changing of the Guard at VMware


Brain Drain at VMware?

Over the last couple of months, there seems to have been a brain drain at VMware; executives are leaving in swarms. (Is that the collective noun for a group of execs? I don’t know.)

The past month has seen the departure of Jonathan Chadwick, the highly respected chief finance officer; Martin Casado, the general manager of the Networking and Security Business Unit and creator of NSX; and finally, last week, longtime Chief Operating Officer Carl Eschenbach.

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It Slices, It Dices: It Is Analytics

VirtualizationSecurityRSA Conference 2016 is now done. There were about 40,000 attendees, 500+ vendors, and countless hallway conversations. Key to this year’s conference was analytics. You could not walk the show floor without hearing someone extolling the virtues of one analytics product or another. Analytics was big. Of course, that was not all there was on the show floor. There were the typical identity solutions and even a few atypical ones, firewalls, and other items we would expect. But analytics reigned.

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Oracle Buys Hybrid Cloud

BusinessAgilityOracle has entered into an agreement to purchase Ravello Systems, which will be part of Oracle Cloud’s IaaS mission. This is an interesting purchase in many ways, one that boosts Oracle’s IaaS environment. However, Ravello Systems offers a bridge between multiple clouds, and that does not jive with Oracles historical approach to business. This opens up many questions, and really makes the purchase look like Oracle has bought a hybrid cloud. But is that all it bought?

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