VMworld 2012: Liquidware Labs Unveils On-Demand Department Installed Applications Feature

User virtualisation is rightly being seen as more than profile management. Applications and data are key to the making a generic desktop a viable workspace. With ProfileUnity FlexApp’s Department Installed Applications Liquidware could be the first to deliver on the dream of a more dynamic application mechanism across enterprise desktop environments.

OnLive – bad management, or an example of DaaS immaturity?

Could OnLive have succeeded? Were they doomed to failure to failure before the off? What are the key questions you should be looking to have answered from your DaaS service provider? It is said that OnLive give an example how-not-to-do DaaS. DaaS is viewed as an upcoming market – is there a wider lesson to be learned from OnLive’s failure?

Your VMworld 2012 Virtualization Management Sponsors and Exhibitors Short List

VMworld 2012 is upon us. Use this list to figure out which booths should be on your short list for creative and new solutions. With over 230 booths to choose from this is a daunting task. If you are interested in management, monitoring, deployment, security, data protection, and desktop management problems, this list will help you.