MVP, CTP, vExpert, and More: The Alphabet Soup of Titles

Among technologists, it’s not unusual to see an acronym or two after a person’s name. In some cases, these acronyms refer to certifications, but sometimes, they reflect participation in one or more elite vendor programs. What are the various elite programs, and how does one become invited to participate?

vCloud Air Attack: Back to Basics

VMware recently announced an upgrade to vSphere, 5.5 Update 2d, that fixes an issue with transparent page sharing (TPS). This issue allowed an attacker to break encryption keys if VMs shared the same server even for a small amount of time. This is not a trivial problem, but it brings me to a simple point. … Continue reading vCloud Air Attack: Back to Basics

vMotion Evolves into vDistance

On Monday, February 3rd, during VMware’s Online Launch Event, VMware made the announcement of the latest release of their flagship product “vSphere 6.0.” There are a lot of great features and enhancements with this new release and for this post I wanted to zero in on one specific enhancement, and in my humble opinion, that is where the vMotion technology just became the vDistance technology.

News: Veeam Fends Off Symantec Lawsuit

Veeam has successfully fended off a patent infringement suit brought by Symantec over how Veeam does its backups. Yet, Symantec did not bring a suit against VMware, which created the underlying technology that Veeam employs for pulling data from a vSphere environment. When you look at the court case, it is about older technology and … Continue reading News: Veeam Fends Off Symantec Lawsuit

Citrix Beats Earnings — Still Cuts

Citrix released its Q4 2014 earnings last Wednesday, handily beating Wall Street expectations by reporting earnings of $1.10 cents per share on revenues of $851 million, up six percent on the same quarter in 2013, against Wall Street expectations of $1.03 cents per share on revenue of $844 million on both counts. At the same time, Citrix announced … Continue reading Citrix Beats Earnings — Still Cuts

Which Cloud Do You Use?

We are curious about which cloud or clouds everyone uses, as the market is rather diverse, ranging from Amazon Web Services to clouds based on OpenStack, VMware vCloud, and community clouds that meet specific needs. Are you using multiple clouds, just one cloud, or no clouds? We’d like to hear your answers to these questions. We … Continue reading Which Cloud Do You Use?