Rewatching Computer Chronicles: Everything Old Is New Again

It has been thirty-one years since the first Computer Chronicles show, and that first show depicted many interesting things that were not considered new at the time. Today, we find them new and interesting, or more to the point, improved such that they are usable in ways only dreamed of then. Computer Chronicles discussed touchscreens, … Continue reading Rewatching Computer Chronicles: Everything Old Is New Again

The Cloud Workspace, Part 2: Virtual Workspaces

In part one of this article, we looked at the different types of DaaS products and services that masquerade as cloud workspaces, breaking down the marketplace into: Desktop Platform as a Service: A bare-bones service offering licensing, infrastructure, and very little else; Integrated Desktop as a Service: Mainstream DaaS complete with integrated image and application … Continue reading The Cloud Workspace, Part 2: Virtual Workspaces

What Is SDN? The History of All Things SDN

Software-defined networking (SDN) is clearly one of the hot items of the tech field at the moment.  VMware’s purchase of Nicira precipitated a sea change, leading to today’s plethora of SDN vendors and array of competing technologies. It reminds me the early noughties—the introduction of virtualization, competing hypervisor technology stacks and Unix/Linux Zones*—followed by the … Continue reading What Is SDN? The History of All Things SDN

The Cloud Workspace, Part 1: DaaS by Any Other Name?

In reviewing various DaaS services over the last few months, a common theme has emerged: Any and every service provider wants to deliver, or at least wants you to think that it can deliver, some sort of cloud workspace. But just what is a cloud workspace, and how does it differ from DaaS? 

XenApp 7.x: Virtual Reality

Back in January when Citrix announced that it would be reintroducing XenApp, many cheered. They were delighted that Citrix was finally acknowledging that virtual applications weren’t facing extinction or playing second fiddle to virtual desktops. After all, XenDesktop had been constantly hammered into our brains by Citrix, and there had been little mention of the … Continue reading XenApp 7.x: Virtual Reality

vSphere Delay: Good Sign or Bad?

Every VMworld conference is different, with a different tone and pace to it. At this year’s VMworld US, it felt like everything was evolutionary and very little was revolutionary. Icing that cake, VMware broke the decade-old trend of new vSphere announcements. Sure, the keynotes mentioned the next version, mostly by talking about some of the … Continue reading vSphere Delay: Good Sign or Bad?