Cost to Build a New Virtualized Data Center, Part 2b

DataCenterVirtualizationIn part one of Cost to Build a New Virtualized Data Center, we discussed the basic software costs for a virtualized data center based on VMware vSphere 6.0, Citrix XenServer 6.5, Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 R2 and 2016, and Red Hat. If you missed that, please click here to review before continuing.

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Hyperconvergence and OS

DataCenterVirtualizationIn the good old days (rose-tinted spectacles required), there was only one operating system in the stack. It took care of device drivers and file IO. There were many flavours of OS, depending on the period, from UNIX and Windows to OS/2 and MacOS, and many, many others. Over time, the selection of operating systems in the data center reduced down to Linux and Windows (there are still holdouts for others, for various specific reasons, but Linux and Windows hold about 90% of the OS market). There are many flavours of Linux, but all an app developer in the enterprise really needs to know is which OS they are targeting. More and more, even that level is too low down for the app developer who is looking more at the middleware to make the final decisions.

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Stop Focusing on DevOps and Start Focusing on Delivering Business Outcomes

agilecloudI have seen far too many definitions of the term DevOps. Everyone, including myself, has their own definition. Worse, I have seen even more interpretations of what “doing DevOps” means within enterprises. Here are a few examples of what some people think DevOps is:

  • Automating infrastructure
  • Building out CI/CD pipelines
  • Writing Chef scripts
  • Creating a new silo called DevOps
  • Doing anything on AWS

All of the above-mentioned items are tasks that are common when a company embraces DevOps philosophies but by themselves are not DevOps. DevOps is much bigger than these specific tasks.

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Automation, Orchestration, and DevOps in Today’s Data Center

agilecloudAutomation and orchestration are two terms we are hearing more often, especially when discussing virtualization and cloud computing. As virtualization and cloud computing technology continues to mature, so have the automation and orchestration that are such an intricate part of the solutions presented from this technology. As such, an increasing number of products and services are built around automation and orchestration. This article focuses on the underlying technology as a prelude to discussing the different products. The information below should be of interest to anyone looking to expand their skillset to compete and excel in a technology world that is traveling full speed up into the clouds.

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Cloud for All

CloudComputingBuilding and operating a private cloud is a complex undertaking. Most cloud platforms are designed to play well with thousands of physical servers. This is great for public cloud providers and extremely large enterprise organizations. However, smaller organizations that need a cloud built from tens of physical servers can find these platforms challenging. I’ve written about the possibility that some of these customers might get what they want without a cloud platform. But what if a cloud platform were easy to deploy? If you cloud deploy an OpenStack cloud in one day, would that help? This is one target for the Intel Cloud for All program.

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