VMware has joined the ranks of the hyperconverged, announcing VMware EVO:RAIL, a solution built on its vSphere foundation coupled with VMware VSAN. Readers here know that the converged infrastructure available for years now solves some problems in IT, but frankly, most of those problems are political. The guts of converged infrastructures are largely business as … Continue reading VMware EVO:RAIL

News: Gigamon and VMware Partner to Address NSX Visibility

Every time we as an industry come up with a wonderful innovation, we tend to deploy that innovation before we have the ability to manage it in production. This occurred with the first round of data center virtualization—and resulted in an entirely new category of operations management solutions. But these new solutions did not arrive … Continue reading News: Gigamon and VMware Partner to Address NSX Visibility

News: Arista and VMware Extend Strategic Partnership

VMware and Arista Networks have a longstanding partnership that has been very beneficial to both partners. Begun in 2010 to allow closer integration between VMware’s vCloud Director and Arista’s Extensible Operating System, this partnership was further expanded in 2012 with the companies’ collaboration on the VXLAN specification and interoperability across the physical/virtual network boundaries.

Will Docker and VMware Compete?

Docker and VMware vSphere both allow the running of multiple applications on one physical server. However, the similarities end there. Docker is more likely to focus on meeting the emerging needs of the DevOps community than to go back and build all of the data center management pieces that make VMware the market-leading data center management platform.

Amazon Invites VMware Customers to the Party

Amazon recently announced the new AWS Management Portal for VMware’s vCenter, which is detailed in this blog post. This is yet another step in Amazon’s quest to land more enterprise workloads in its industry-leading public cloud infrastructure. While Amazon continues to dominate public cloud workloads, VMware is a serious player in the private cloud space due … Continue reading Amazon Invites VMware Customers to the Party