A Phoenix Arises: HP Reboots Helion with a Version Upgrade

CloudComputingOn the twenty-first of October, HP announced that it is shutting down its Helion Public Cloud, which it built to compete head-to-head with AWS, GCS, and Azure. According to HP Cloud executive Bill Hilf, it is doing so to concentrate on helping its “customers to build and run the best cloud environment suited to their needs.”

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Support in the 21st Century. What Works? What Doesn’t?

BusinessAgilityIn my last article, I laid out the baseline expectations for the support model and structure at most companies. In the past twenty years or so, these have been my observations and expectations any time I have started any new assignment in a new company. When starting a new position in a new company, there is a certain level of comfort, which comes from experience, in having at least a basic understanding of what to expect. There is always a technical learning curve that comes with anything new, but it makes the transition easier having a basic understanding of how things will be supported. That concept has served me well over the years. However, just as virtualization and cloud computing have changed the data center landscape, I think change in the support structure is well on its way. Now would be a good time to have a look at what works and what doesn’t.

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The Future for Cloud Native Applications

agilecloudContainer technologies and developers work with applications. End users use applications. Yet, administrators think about the systems that make up the applications with tools that are not application-centric but rather system-, VM-, or container-focused. Because the tools are not focused on the application, the definition of the application is unknown by those who support the application. This is in serious need of changing. In fact, until this changes, a business cannot transform into the next generation of cloud-native applications. It just will not be ready. So, then, how do we get ready?

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How Will Dell Blend Its SDN Story with Nicira/NSX?

Network VirtualizationThe big story of the last few weeks has been Dell’s $67B acquisition of EMC, and with it, VMware. This is big news for the industry—news that will have ramifications all over the software-defined data centre. One of the most interesting implications is how Dell will reconcile its own SDN strategy with VMwares NSX vision. Do the two work together? VMware paid $1.2B for Nicira. With currently around 400 customers, as reported by VMware, and roughly one in four of those running in production, NSX is a relatively small but highly lucrative gem in the crown jewels of VMware. Dell will want to see something come from that aspect of this acquisition.

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