Bromium Is a King Hit to the Anti-Virus Establishment

I had the pleasure of speaking with Simon Crosby recently. For those of you who do not recognize the name or are not familiar with XenServer, let me enlighten you. Simon was a co-founder of XenSource (now XenServer), which is a hypervisor that Citrix acquired in order to compete in the VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) … Continue reading Bromium Is a King Hit to the Anti-Virus Establishment

Installing/Packaging Applications: The Unexpected Bottleneck

Virtualizing applications is simple, right? After all, Microsoft Office can be installed or packaged in a matter of minutes, so all apps must be this easy. And via a tool like Citrix App Orchestration, the application can be published, secured, and presented to users auto“magic”ally. Thus, application virtualization professionals must have easy jobs, right? 

Where Will VDI Be in Five Years’ Time?

VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) has long been predicted to be a growth area. This year, the technology has started to edge towards adoption in newer segments, segments in which it has not had significant traction in the past. But will this continue to be the case? Is VDI the computing environment of the future, or … Continue reading Where Will VDI Be in Five Years’ Time?

Replacing Franken-Monitors and Frameworks with the Splunk Ecosystem

In Beware of the Franken-Monitor, we explained how many enterprises ended up with Franken-Monitors and the dangers associated with assuming that the present state of management tools can make the transition into the software-defined data center (SDDC) and the cloud. In Getting Rid of Your Franken-Monitor, we explained how to use green-field islands to put in place new ecosystem-based management stacks with the intent of eventually retiring your legacy management stacks. In this post, we detail how one could deploy one example of such an ecosystem of tools based upon Splunk and the vendors that comprise its ecosystem.


XenApp monitoring and beyond VDI and application delivery solutions such as Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop simultaneously rely on the XenApp Server, network, storage, SQL database and Windows infrastructure to deliver a reliable user experience. With so many components and resources involved, it’s difficult for administrators to determine the root cause of problems that impact users. … Continue reading Tricerat