An In-Depth Look at Citrix Monitoring with the New SCOM Management Packs

PerformanceManagementUntil this year, holistic monitoring of Citrix environments had traditionally fallen to third-party vendors such as eG Innovations, Lakeside, and ControlUp. When various Citrix monitoring tools were analyzed in mid-2014, these three vendors’ products were the primary tools reviewed, due to their strong market presence.

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Holding Out for a Hero Number


So, who needs a million IOPS? Or the ability to deploy a million containers? How about a VM with a terabyte of RAM? We are all fairly sure that very few organizations have a workload that actually needs these performance numbers. So why do vendors continue to publish ridiculous numbers? We call these hero numbers. Vendors spend a lot of money getting hero numbers and want people to look up to these heroes. A lot of the time we dismiss hero numbers as irrelevant, but sometimes they may actually be useful.

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NSX Release … and Availability?

Network VirtualizationVMware just released details about the latest version of NSX—6.2.2. What is interesting about this release is that it is the first that is split into tiers. The release pages are full featured, and although pricing doesn’t appear to be available yet on the website, hopefully this will be a fully public release that doesn’t require jumping through hoops to get. Since VMware acquired Nicira in 2012, the NSX product has been a bit of a dark horse, kept well stabled and not allowed out to run free. The product has been available only to selected customers and partners, presumably with high-volume sales that will support a large amount of VMware employee time in each deployment.

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The New OpenStack: Collaboration

CloudComputingAt this year’s OpenStack Summit in Austin, Texas, the message was clear. OpenStack needs to pivot from a science experiment to a production system. Even though this is happening, it has been happening slowly. Some would argue that it has been achieved for the likes of PayPal and other extremely large institutions, such as AT&T. However, running, configuring, and installing OpenStack still takes more knowledge than the average enterprise system administrator has available to them. The new Certified OpenStack Administrator certification is a way to exhibit a level of competence for the age of the new OpenStack: the production-ready OpenStack.

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A Look at Automation Tools of the Trade

agilecloudIn my last article, I spent a little time talking about the difference between automation, which is an automated task or scripted solution to perform a task, and orchestration, which is the complete process. I topped it all off with a discussion about how DevOps is a philosophy driving orchestration. For this article, I want to focus in on the some of the most common tools of the trade behind the automation and orchestration for different types of environments.

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IoT, Bandwidth, and Latency

Network Virtualization

When we think about network connections, our focus is usually on bandwidth. Bandwidth is the main metric in everyday use, as most connections are within a local site, where latency will be very low. There are a few specific instances in which this is not true and latency is the main target. High-performance computing (HPC) is one, and inter-site connections is usually another. As soon as connections touch the Internet, though, most thought of latency is out the window. There are too many factors beyond the enterprise’s control, and usually latency is not the most important factor.

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