Oracle sues Google over Android and Java, Microsoft Smiles, VMware Grimaces

Oracle (who by virtue of the acquisition of Sun owns Java) announced late on Thursday August 13th that it has filed suit against Google for infringing upon copyrights and patents related to Java. “In developing Android, Google knowingly, directly and repeatedly infringed Oracle’s Java-related intellectual property. This lawsuit seeks appropriate remedies for their infringement,” Oracle spokeswoman Karen Tillman said in a statement. The full complaint may be found here. Continue reading Oracle sues Google over Android and Java, Microsoft Smiles, VMware Grimaces

Preparing for the VMworld Pilgrimage

The countdown is on for one of the biggest virtualization conferences of the year, VMworld 2010 in San Francisco. I have been lucky enough to be able to attend all the VMworld conferences from 2005 on and the 2009 VMworld Europe in Cannes, France.  These shows are pretty big and jam packed full of people, exhibits and sessions.  Good old fun for the entire family!!  Well not necessarily shared fun for the entire family, but if you have a passion for virtualization, then VMworld 2010 in San Francisco is the place you should be. Since it is San Francisco, you can even bring your entire family and your family can enjoy the Spouse Activities while you enjoy the talk about virtualization.

In case you do not know,  the dates of the conference are August 30 – September 2.  There is still time to get a $150 savings if you register by August 29. For more information about the details of the event visit the official VMworld web site.  If you are still looking for justification to present to your management as to why you should go to VMworld this year, take a look at this video and see if this might help with some ideas. Continue reading Preparing for the VMworld Pilgrimage

Who’s Who in Virtualization Performance and Capacity Management

In the Performance Management Topic at this site we separate performance and capacity monitoring for virtualization and the cloud into four separate disciplines:

  1. Configuration Management – while configuration management is not traditionally associated with resource and performance monitoring, it is critical in the case in virtualized and cloud based environments. The rate of change in these environments and the degree of resource sharing of these environments makes a continuous self-discovered understanding of configuration essential to the ability to assure infrastructure and applications performance. Continue reading Who’s Who in Virtualization Performance and Capacity Management

VMware Discusses vShield Zones and Secure Multi-Tenancy

The Virtualization Security Podcast on 8/5 was all about VMware vShield Zones and how the currently beta version will provide defense in depth, be a lever to achieve Secure Multi-Tenancy, and its impact on the virtualization security ecosystem. Dean Coza, Director of Product Management for Security Products at VMware joined us to discuss the vShield Zones Beta which consists of 3 parts given names and a nameless third part that was hinted at and we shall see more about at VMworld. vShield Zones consists of

  • vShield Zones Edge
  • vShield Zones Application
  • vShield Zones API
  • Something else without a name…

Continue reading VMware Discusses vShield Zones and Secure Multi-Tenancy

Terminal Services for Mac – OS X gets virtual

Citrix released their latest Presentation Virtualization solution, XenApp 6, allowing Citrix customers to be able to deploy to deploy to Windows 2008 R2. Competitive Presentation Virtualization vendors have not been idle: Ericom have released 5.7 of their WebConnect RemoteView, Quest have updated vWorkspace to v7.1 and 2x have updated ApplicationServer to 8.1, others are busy at work.

Each of these new releases introduce updated features to their respective environments. Citrix’s better facilitates on demand delivery of servers and power and capacity management.  Ericom introduced improved management and integration with RDS and Reverse Seamless  functionality. Quest enhance their protocol optimization functions, 2x have introduced additional security features to secure remote connections. With the release of service pack 1 for Windows 2008R2 it is likely it will all change again as each vendor looks to incorporate the new features of Microsoft’s RemoteFX into their offering. With Microsoft introducing features to deliver an improved user experience on the LAN it is likely that the greater innovation will come from improving the user experience for remote access and allowing for improved management and server automation. Yet, all of these solutions rely on  a core Microsoft Remote Desktop service solution – you will be deploying applications hosted on Microsoft desktops. But, Microsoft’s is not the only operating system available.

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Quest + Vizioncore + Surgient = A Virtualization Management Gorilla?

The acquisition of Surgient plus the imminent folding of Vizioncore into Quest itself (as opposed to Vizioncore being an “independent subsidiary”) puts Quest fully into the Virtualization Management fray. So we will shortly see the Surgient Private Cloud Management assets combined with the full Foglight Performance Management assets and the rest of the Vizioncore product suite into what will probably be the single most formidable third party virtualization management offering. Continue reading Quest + Vizioncore + Surgient = A Virtualization Management Gorilla?