News: Wyse Extends PocketCloud to Personal Cloud

Following its recent acquisition of Trellia, Wyse Technology is further extending its software portfolio with the launch of a new PocketCloud app for Android users: PocketCloud Explore.

Wyse PocketCloud Explore I1 168x300PocketCloud Explore provides file search and transfer between the Android device and Windows and Mac PCs through a secure connection to an agent, the PocketCloud Companion, that is installed on the remote PC/Mac. As with Pocket Cloud Remote Desktop, Wyse is positioning PocketCloud Explore as consumer application that can support enterprise access, but does not offer any enterprise management services. The consumer nature of the application can be clearly seen in authentication mechanism which is handled via Google’s authentication service. To establish a connection between PocketCloud Explore and  PocketCloud Companion  both applications must be authenticated with the same Google account. Once this step is complete all authenticated devices will appear on the  PocketCloud Explore home page (left) with out further action.

Wyse is following the same strategy that it employed with its first PocketCloud release with a basic low cost solution and a premium edition with support for more features.  The current release provides support for two remote PCs; access to more computers will be offered through the PocketCloud Explore Premium Service which will be released next year. The first release appears to have a few rough edges: file browsing in PocketCloud Explore is clunky and the Windows version of Companion app has stability problems. However, Wyse has shown that it is able to act promptly to address bugs and add features in response to user concerns, so users who are experiencing difficulties should expect prompt resolution.

Wyse PocketCloud Explore is only available for Android at this time.

This is the first time that Wyse has released an Android application without there being a corresponding iOS version and Wyse has not commented on the possibility of offering an iOS version of PocketCloud Explore

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