News: Wyse Buys Trellia and into Mobile Management

Thin client vendor Wyse Technology has bought Montréal’s Trellia Networks in a bid to strengthen its software portfolio and diversify into SaaS based mobile device management (MDM) in a deal that the company said will extend its vision of “MDM made easy.”

Wyse first entered the mobile device market in 2009 with its award-winning Pocket Cloud software client for VDI and Remote Desktop Services that is now used on millions of iOS and Android based smart phones and tablets. This is in addition to Wyse’s other software solutions that comprise both thin client management systems. Trellia was rooted in traditional mobile device management for laptops, breaking into the rapidly growing MDM market in Q1 2011 with a SaaS-based device management solution for iOS device, with support for Android, and BlackBerry offered in subsequent releases. Trellia’s policy driven device management and monitoring portfolio is available in both public and private cloud is claimed to be simple and cost-effective compared to conventional server-based solutions.

Wyse intends to integrate Trellia’s solution with its own thin client management capabilities, to provide a unified device and application management solution for all cloud-based applications. Business users are quickly embracing smartphones and tablets and making them one additional window into corporate applications and content; “but their IT counterparts must now find tools to effectively secure and manage them,” said Giovanni Forte, CEO at Trellia. “The integration of Trellia with a fast-growing global leader like Wyse will enable organizations to cost effectively deploy and embrace new mobile devices in the enterprise with the highest level of security, all integrated into their current cloud client computing strategies.

By extending its reach into mobile device and application management solutions Wyse will establish a measure of protection for its existing market share at a time when it will be increasing difficult to differentiate between thin client devices that will become increasingly similar as devices based on the Citrix-back HDX-on-a-Chip come to market in Q2/3 2012.  Trellia’s solution will also give Wyse the opportunity to move into the increasing important post-PC market, giving Wyse the ability to compete or at least complement next generation workplace solutions from VMware, Citrix and Centrix Software.

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