News: VMWorld 2009 Sunday Night Extravaganza

Are you heading to VMWorld 2009?  If so, you don’t want to miss a great community-based event the night before things kick off on  Monday.  I’m co-hosting the VMWorld 2009 Sunday Night Extravaganza with some close industry colleages, Theron Conrey of, John Avery, and Sean Clark of and the “Benevolent Dictator” over at

This is the third year for this event and it has grown by leaps and bounds.  The reason is because of the awesome sponsors; you can check them out here:

Please make sure that you RSVP for the event, that way you are automatically eligible for the awesome prizes that are being donated by our sponsors.  If you don’t RSVP, you’re out of luck.

So if you get into San Francisco early on Sunday and aren’t going to a vendor party, or have nothing else to do come hang out with the rest of us at The Thirsty Bear.  Check out the site here.

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