News: Systancia launches AppliDis Fusion 4

Systancia, a leading provider of desktop and application virtualisation solutions in Europe, have announced the launch of AppliDis Fusion 4, their first solution that  incorporates both application and desktop virtualisation in a single product with management through a single web console.

AppliDis Fusion 4 can manages delivery of all Windows applications and virtualises all desktops, including Windows 7: it has been designed for organizations looking to reduce IT operational and management costs, enabling administrators to deliver a better quality of service to users.

Building on AppliDis 3 – a solution focused on Presentation Virtualisation – AppliDis Fusion 4 includes the following new features:

  • Desktop Virutalization – with a connection broker that allows management of Virtual Machines (VM) hosted on VMWare ESX and Hyper-V, as well as management of the VM life-cycle.
  • Application Store – allowing users to browse available application lists, request access and rate the application.
  • Multimedia Capabilities – leveraging new features in Windows 2008R2 to deliver Flash, DirectX and Video for virtual desktop users
  • Management and Support for TWAIN peripherals
  • Optimised and secure File Transfer from remote devices

These are in addition to Systancia’s integrated Universal Printer solution, load balancing that includes usage pattern detection and a light and simple  yet powerful web based administration interface allowing full management through a single console.

AppliDis Fusion 4 supports Windows Server versions from Windows 2000 through Windows 2008R2 as well as Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Applidis Fusion 4 is licensed per concurrent user with list price of €190

Systancia are actively targeting customers who have considered or maybe even are using Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop solutions. While Citrix do indeed have a mature user base,  and have recently addressed licensing issues in their XenDeskop solution, Citrix’s rapid development of XenDesktop to counter VMWare’s VDI solution has resulted in an offering that is not seamlessly integrated with their XenApp line – which itself, while feature rich, is not a lightweight installation. Management of a Citrix environment requires a number of different consoles and administrative roles and, for XenApp, places a heavy demand on server resources which can impact on user density.

Organisations are finding that to deliver applications to users –  solutions will include a combination of traditional desktops as well as application, presentation and desktop virtualisation. AppliDis Fusion 4 joins solutions such as Ericom’s Powerterm Webconnect and  Quest Provision’s vWorkspace, to provide a tightly integrated solution for provisioning, deploying, and managing enterprise desktop infrastructures. These solutions provide streamlined integration of Presentation Virtualisation and Desktop Virtualisation solutions with a single console to deploy, configure and manage the environments needed to deliver applications and workspaces to users – leading to more timely and less costly administration and often for less license cost per user than an equivalent solution using Citrix’s products.

Systancia have designed AppliDis Fusion 4 to help deliver applications and desktops as a service. Features such as user session load balancing not only devices metrics but on anticipated usage demand, and the facility for users to comment on application performance and usefulness are indeed innovative.It will be interesting to see if Citrix’s focus on trumping one competitor will allow innovative vendors, such as Systancia, to gain greater market share.

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