News: New PernixData FVP Features: NFS, In-Memory Support

PernixDataAt Storage Field Day 5, PernixData announced new features for its flagship product, PernixData FVP. FVP greatly accelerates storage performance in VMware vSphere environments by leveraging SSD and flash technologies to do read and write caching in a protected, clustered way.

PernixData announced the following features:

  • NFS support: Initial versions of FVP only accelerated block storage (iSCSI, local, Fibre Channel, and FCoE) resources. PernixData has now announced support for NFS storage acceleration at a hypervisor level, identical to the support for block storage.
  • In-Memory Support: PernixData has added Distributed Fault-Tolerant Memory as an acceleration tool. Instead of requiring SSD or flash you can now pool up to 1 terabyte of RAM per server to accelerate storage reads and writes. These resources are clustered as flash is to provide high availability and write protection.

PernixData also announced:

  • Ability to virtualize any high-speed server resource: in addition to Distributed Fault-Tolerant Memory you can now add other, more generic resources such as allocations from all-flash arrays.
  • Network compression: trading CPU for network latency and bandwidth when replicating data to other cluster members for data protection.
  • “Metro” Clustering: FVP is now aware of cluster topology when used on stretched or “metro” clusters and can optimize its replication partners to ensure availability and/or performance requirements.

Please read the full press release for details.

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