News: Crittercism Unveils Mobile Application Transaction Management

Crittercism, a leader in the mobile application performance management (APM) market, has unveiled an important extension to its solution – the ability to manage applications’ individual transactions that directly affect revenue. 

A Bit of History

Back in the mid-1990s, Java Application Servers (J2EE) made it possible to move online revenue, producing applications from legacy systems to then-modern distributed web based systems. The APM industry was created to manage these applications in production. Lew Cirne founded Wily Technologies, which was the leader of that generation of APM solutions until CA acquired Wily in 2005. The principal use of Wily Introscope was to manage complex J2EE applications in production—and many of these complex applications were the first revenue-producing online applications on the Internet.

Crittercism Mobile Transaction Management

History has a way of repeating itself, and here we are again with a brand-new platform for revenue-generating applications – smartphones and tablets. With that brand-new platform comes a host of brand-new challenges – many different networks, many different devices, two new operating systems (but many versions of them in production), and many things going on simultaneously on the devices. Smartphones are the fastest growing end user computing platform in the history of the industry, and this year more than 50% of the access to the Internet was done via a smartphone or a tablet. Ensuring the performance and integrity of revenue-generating transactions on this new strategic platform has now become a critical business issue.

Crittercism has now delivered exactly what any business that generates online revenue through mobile devices needs – a way to understand exactly how every transaction is performing and operating, and what the revenue impact is of abandoned transactions and those that have crashed.



The press release is available here.

An online video demonstration is here.

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