News: CloudBolt Integrates Cloud Management with Nicira Network Virtualization

CloudBolt Software has announced that version 3.5 of CloudBolt Command and Control (C2) will integrate with VMware Nicira Network Virtualization Platform (NVP). CloudBolt C2 takes advantage of the NVP virtualization API’s to programatically create complex secure networks, entirely in softwarer, and completely independent of the underlying network hardware.

The CloudBolt Announcement

ROCKVILLE, Maryland—January 9, 2012—CloudBolt Software, Inc. today announced the release of CloudBolt Command and Control (C2) version 3.5, a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) that has been integrated with VMware’s Nicira Network Virtualization Platform (NVP). This unique innovation and integration fundamentally changes the way networks are delivered to end users, making it possible to bypass the limits and restrictions of traditional, physical network configurations to stand up software defined networks on-demand.

“Network virtualization transforms the operational model of networking and cloud,” said Hatem Naguib, vice president, Cloud Networking and Security, VMware. “Together with CloudBolt, VMware network virtualization enables some of the most demanding cloud environments in the federal government to transform their physical networks and compute assets into pools of resources that are consumed and repurposed, on demand. CloudBolt’s cloud management platform takes full advantage of our network virtualization APIs to programmatically create complex, secure networks, entirely in software, and completely independent of the underlying network hardware.”

“This is a really exciting innovation for our customers. CloudBolt C2’s unique integration with VMware network virtualization helps accelerates time to market for customers seeking to implement Software Defined Networking [SDN].,” said John Menkart, CEO of CloudBolt Software. “Enterprise IT groups seeking the flexibility of SDN can leverage CloudBolt C2 to deliver private and hybrid cloud computing with unparalleled capabilities, and flexibility that is unmatched by any other Cloud Management Platform technologies. CloudBolt is leading the market and this latest release provides advanced networking capabilities that helps our customers charge ahead in evolving their IT organizations to be more agile, all while still making use of their existing IT investments.”

CloudBolt C2 is available in two editions. The Virtualization Edition (VE) offers virtualization hypervisor and public cloud management. C2 VE is available as a free download, and includes a free license for use in environments with fewer than 100 virtual machines. Users can request a free download from C2 typically takes less than 20 minutes to install and configure.

The CloudBolt C2 Enterprise Edition (EE) is a customized installation that offers more extensive capabilities that include integration with VMware network virtualization, data center automation tools such as HPSA/Opsware, private cloud frameworks such as OpenStack, and software license management capabilities.

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