News: AppSense DataNow: Anywhere data access that starts in the enterprise

AppSense have announced the addition of DataNow Essentials to their User Virtualization Platform. DataNow Essentials is an enterprise data broker solution that gives users anywhere data access from PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones using existing IT infrastructure that is fully under the control of the enterprise IT team. The AppSense User Virtualization Platform, already used by some of the world’s largest enterprises to optimize enterprise desktops, now offers broader support for enterprise consumerization and the growing enterprise mobile workforce.

The Challenge of Enterprise Public Cloud Use in Data Anywhere Access

In today’s business climate, mobile productivity is a checkbox requirement as laptops, smartphones and tablets are no longer luxuries – they are strategic business tools. Users are reaching out to public cloud services in an attempt to access their personal and corporate files easily from multiple devices – and as a consequence, IT organizations are seeing increased security risks and potential data loss from having sensitive information stored externally in insecure locations and devices. Upon closer inspection, AppSense found that what users truly want is seamless access to their files and data located inside their organization from any device, anywhere. Additionally, IT organizations felt they did not have the necessary tools to extend internal data access to mobile devices in a secure, controlled way.

AppSense challenges the need to Drop your Data in another Box

AppSense have considered that while there is a future in public cloud storage, many enterprise customers want to provide mobile access using on-premise storage due to security and compliance concerns. Rather than starting in the cloud and working your way into the data centre, AppSense have chosen to allow customers to start in the enterprise data centre and work out. DataNow’s lightweight data broker approach adds the critical missing link between existing storage investments and the new wave of computing devices finding their way into enterprise environments.

An important distinction with DataNow is that there is no additional layer of on-premise storage. DataNow allows you to  integrate with what is already there, with no need to provision more storage or migrate data, thus keeping cost and complexity low and speeding deployment time, and avoids cloud or storage vendor lock-in. The client-side experience has been designed to be simple so users will embrace it: perhaps the only difference could be that they no longer need existing cloud based file storage accounts.

DataNow Essentials Costs and Availability

DataNow Essentials is available to existing customers of AppSense’s user virtualization product suite. For them, there is nothing new to buy. For those organizations that have been considering the AppSense user virtualisation suite, there is now another feature to consider. This is an interesting change in scope – other file storage solutions from Citrix (Sharefile), RES Software (Hyper Drive) offer a sharing  function in their own right. AppSense’s key consideration here is very likely that user virtualisation needs data to be portable.

To learn more about AppSense DataNow, you can joing AppSense for their “Jumpstart Your Mobility Strategy with DataNow,” webinar. Visit the AppSense DataNow product page to register for a session convenient to your language and time zone.

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