New Operations Management for Virtualization and Clouds White Paper Released

PerformanceManagementThe Virtualization Practice has released a major update to its Operations Management White paper. This paper covers both Operations Management of Virtualized and Cloud environments, and Infrastructure Performance Management of Virtualized and Cloud environments.

Operations Management for Virtualization

Operations Management for virtualization is rapidly becoming a must have item for any enterprise that is either virtualizing business critical applications, or implementing a private cloud on their virtual infrastructure. Business critical applications require Operations Management since these applications need to be assured of the resources required to do their jobs for the business. Private and hybrid clouds require Operations Management because it is not possible to support customer driven instantiation of workloads without proper and robust capacity management and capacity planning. The paper covers the following Operations Management solutions and presents a table comparing their functionality; Cirba, CloudPhysics, Dell/Quest, ManageEngine, Reflex Systems, Splunk, Veeam, VMTurbo, VMware, and Zenoss.

Infrastructure Performance Management for Virtualization

This paper also for the first time separately breaks out Infrastructure Performance Management as a category of management solutions for virtualized and cloud based environments.  Infrastructure Performance Management focuses upon measuring the latency of the infrastructure as it responds to requests for work. In a dynamic, abstracted, and shared environment like virtualization or a cloud, it is impossible to infer the performance of workloads by looking at their consumption of either physical or virtual resources. The only way to know whether the infrastructure is providing an acceptable level of service to the workloads is to directly measure how long the infrastructure is taking to do the work asked of it. The paper covers the following Infrastructure Performance Management solutions and presents a table comparing their functionality; Dell/Quest, GigaMon, ExtraHop Networks, Virtual Instruments, VMware, Xangati.

Download the Operations Management White Paper (site registration/login required)


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Bernd Harzog
Bernd Harzog is the Analyst at The Virtualization Practice for Performance and Capacity Management and IT as a Service (Private Cloud). Bernd is also the CEO and founder of APM Experts a company that provides strategic marketing services to vendors in the virtualization performance management, and application performance management markets. Prior to these two companies, Bernd was the CEO of RTO Software, the VP Products at Netuitive, a General Manager at Xcellenet, and Research Director for Systems Software at Gartner Group. Bernd has an MBA in Marketing from the University of Chicago.

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