New Desktop Virtualization Resources Available

We are happy to announce that we have a new set of Desktop Virtualization Resources available for download and viewing on The Virtualization Practice. These new resources include a rich set of White Papers, Webinars, Podcasts, and Product Brochures on VMware View 4. Get a complete picture of the benefits of View 4 and how it compares to alternative products from Citrix and Microsoft.

White Papers

IDC White Paper: Quantifying the Business Value of VMware View – IDC performed an in-depth analysis of the business value of VMware View™, defined as the expected ROI associated with the use of the solution as a platform for the targeted deployment of a virtual desktop infrastructure. They found that organizations deploying VMware View™ saved an average of more than $610 annually per supported end user, compared with organizations using unmanaged PCs. Those organizations using advanced capabilities of the platform, such as VMware ThinApp™ application virtualization and VMware View Composer saved an additional $122 annually per user. Read IDC’s full analysis about the expected ROI of your VMware View investment.

Tolly Enterprise Report: VMware View 3 Premier vs.Citrix XenDesktop Enterprise 3 – Learn how the VMware View 3 VDI solution deploys more simply and more rapidly than Citrix XenDesktop 3.0. VMware provides more comprehensive, efficient image and storage management of virtual desktops. It provides end-users with a quality of experience on the LAN that matches or exceeds the Citrix solution.

Tolly Enterprise Report: VMware View 3 Premier vs. Microsoft VDI – This Tolly Enterprise test conducted in September, 2009, evaluated the installation of VMware and Microsoft VDI products, as well as the process for deployment of virtual desktop environments. The group found VMware View 3 Premier easier to install and deploy than Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Tolly also found that VMware offered a richer feature set and provided a superior end-user experience. Highlights include:

  • VMware installed more rapidly and with fewer steps and fewer manual tasks.
  • VMware provided simple image management.
  • VMware supported memory over-commit technology transparently.
  • VMware allowed management of all VDI functions from a single, web-based GUI.

Recorded Webinars

How to Transform Desktop Management with VMware View – Learn how customers are using VMware View™ 4, the leading desktop virtualization solution, to address complex desktop challenges and meet the needs of both end users and IT organizations. View this webcast and learn how to:

  • Transform your IT organization by delivering desktops as a managed service
  • Address dynamic and diverse IT challenges with user-centric computing
  • Energize end users with a superior desktop experience

Featured Speaker: Chris Westphal, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, VMware

Learn why VMware View is the widely deployed platform for desktop virtualization – In today’s challenging climate, users have a myriad of questions when considering a virtual desktop infrastructure. It is important to understand the benefits of VMware View™ versus other alternative solutions. We’ll cover what are the key decision criteria when evaluating a virtual desktop session, and how VMware View meets those needs. Attend this webcast and learn:

  • Top 3 benefits why VMware View is the superior desktop virtualization platform
  • Recent test case scenarios through Tolly Enterprise Group
  • How VMware View solves IT desktop pain points

Featured Speaker: Mac Binesh, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, VMware

Market Overview: Desktop Virtualization and Trends – What are the main drivers and challenges behind desktop virtualization today? Listen to this webcast, where IDC will present an overview of the market trends, and identify the key points behind what’s driving customer adoption. VMware representative will discuss VMware View™ solution and use cases, and how you can benefit by deploying a desktop virtualization solution from VMware.

Featured Speakers:
Michael Rose, Research Analyst, Enterprise Virtualization Software, IDC
Mason Uyeda, Group Product Manager, VMware

How the University of Toledo Cut Costs and Increased Accessibility for Students with Virtual Desktops – Hear from the University of Toledo in Ohio as they share their experience with VMware virtualization. You’ll learn how the university leverages virtual desktops and VMware View™ to provide students with access to university-licensed software from anywhere with an Internet connection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Learn how VMware solutions have helped the University of Toledo to:

  • Minimize software upgrade glitches
  • Reduce energy costs by 60 percent
  • Use their IT budget more efficiently
  • Provide better customer service to students

Featured Speakers:
Aaron Flynn, Director of Client Services, University of Toledo
Joshua Spencer, Team Lead, Desktop Development, University of Toledo
Matt Honigford, Technical Account Manager, VMware

Minimizing Windows 7 migration worries with VMware View – In this webcast, you’ll hear from IDC about the expected release of Windows 7, OS trends, and why organizations should start to think about application and desktop virtualization as a part of their migration strategies.

VMware will provide an overview of its View solution – and how its leading desktop products will help organizations during the Windows 7 migration process, and provide strong management, user experience and TCO benefits after deployment.

  • VMware View Minimizes business impact due to Win7 migration
  • VMware View insures application compatibility in Win7 migration
  • VMware View Minimizes the cost of migration to Win7 migration.

Featured Speakers:
Al Gillen, Program Vice President, System Software IDC
Raj Mallempati, Director of Product Marketing, VMware

Norton Healthcare Implements “Follow Me” Desktops with VMware View – Learn how Norton Healthcare in Louisville Kentucky, fulfills its mission of superior patient care by providing healthcare providers with immediate access to virtual desktops with VMware View™. Norton shares their evaluation criteria and their virtual desktops implementation steps. The results are dramatic both in ROI and performance within six months for both end users and IT professionals. Learn how VMware View helps Norton to:

  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Streamline desktop and application management.
  • Provide immediate access to applications and information with always-on, “follow me” desktops for hospital staff.

Featured Speakers:
Brian Cox, Director of Customer Service, Norton Healthcare
Raj Mallempati, Director of Product Marketing, VMware


PCoIP – The hot new protocol of VMware View 4 – As one of the major features of VMware View™ 4, PCoIP is a next generation display protocol designed to deliver a robust and rich end user experience. We will discuss how VMware View with PCoIP enable IT organization to address their users from the task workers to the designers growing demand, we will compare this innovative technology with other legacy protocols and address the  different scenarios that are of concern to virtual desktop solutions and finally the benefits this brings to users and IT.

John Dodge – WW Release Architect, Professional Services
Chris Westphal – Senior Product Marketing Manager, VMware

Upgrading to VMware View 4: Planning and Considerations – VMware View™ 4 adds some powerful features and functionality, such as the PC over IP protocol, support for running on VMware vSphere™4, and experimental support for Windows 7 for View desktops, just to name a few.  We will discuss the following questions:

  • Overview of VMware View 3 to VMware View 4 upgrade process
  • What are the criteria before upgrade to VMware View 4?
  • Why upgrade to VMware vSphere 4 at the same time as VMware View 4?
  • What are the right perquisite steps to get started to avoid risks in upgrade?

John Dodge – WW Release Architect, Professional Services
Dale Lahue – Senior Product Manager, Professional Services

What’s New with VMware View 4? – The latest release of VMware View™ 4, enables you to streamline virtual desktop and application management, reduce costs and improve data security. This session features VMware product management and professional services discussing the technology advancements in the solution. Download this podcast to learn more about what’s new in this release, hear some important implementation and planning considerations, and get a sneak peek into the VMware View 3 to VMware View 4 upgrade process.

John Dodge – WW Release Architect, Professional Services
Dale Lahue – Senior Product Manager, Professional Services
Anjan Srinivas – Senior Technical Marketing Manager, VMware

Why VMware View 4 and Not Citrix or Microsoft?With the release of VMware View™ 4, we will discuss several new features, including PCoIP and integration with VMware vSphere™4 for desktops. PCoIP enables a quality experience on the LAN that matches or exceeds what is offered by other solution providers. We will compare and highlight areas where VMware View 4 outperformed other products in deployment simplicity, speed, efficient image and storage management.

Mike Coleman – Senior Technical Marketing Manager, VMware
Mac Binesh – Senior Technical Marketing Manager, VMware

Product Profiles and Brochures

Solutions Overview: Simplifying Remote Office Desktop Management with VMware View – VMware View™ 4 makes it easier and less costly to manage desktops, laptops and thin clients at regional offices, retail stores, bank branches, and offshore locations by enabling you to deliver centralized virtual desktops as a secure, managed, cloud-based service. By adopting a VMware View to manage remote office endpoints, your organization can simplify IT management and reduce costs while ensuring continuous access to applications and data.

This solution overview explains the benefits of VMware View and how it can help you tighten control over IT assets while providing remote workers with on-demand access to their own complete, personalized desktop environments.

Solutions Overview: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery from VMware View – In the past, business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) for desktops was only a dream. But now, with the new VMware View™4, the industry’s most widely deployed desktop virtualization platform, you can ensure complete coverage for all endpoints across your organization while avoiding the cost and complexity of traditional solutions.

This solution brief explains how VMware View extends the unique BCDR capabilities of VMware vSphere™ 4 to the desktop, helping you to protect data and ensure continuous application availability while streamlining management, improving freedom and flexibility for end users.

Solutions Overview: Delivering Desktops as a Secured Managed Service with VMware View – More than 150,000 customer rely on VMware vSphere™ 4 to reduce costs and increase agility by delivering IT infrastructure as a cloud-based service. Now, with the new VMware View™ 4, you can extend the proven power of VMware vSphere to endpoints across your organization and deliver the traditional desktop experience as a secure managed service that increases user freedom and flexibility while streamlining management and strengthening control over IT assets.

This solution overview explains the benefits of VMware View and how it can help you transform your desktop infrastructure and energize end users while reducing TCO by 50 percent or more.

Solutions Overview: Simplifying OS Migration with VMware View – With Windows XP support near its end, IT organizations are faced with the daunting task of having to migrate their desktop environment to Windows 7. But you can dramatically simplify your migration to Windows 7 by leveraging VMware View™ 4, the industry’s leading desktop virtualization platform to eliminate application and hardware compatibility problems while streamlining and accelerating the migration process.

This solution overview to discover the benefits of using VMware View to simplify OS migration with integrated virtual machine and application virtualization technology while extending the benefits of the proven VMware vSphere™4 platform to desktops, laptops and thin client terminals across your organization.

VMware View 4 Solutions Brochure – Transform desktop management and provide the best end user experience with VMware View™ 4, the leading desktop virtualization solution. Today’s desktop environment links together desktop components in ways that are difficult to support and maintain. Problems at one layer cause chain reactions that can affect the entire infrastructure.

This overview explains how VMware View 4 simplifies desktop management, reduces costs and increases your control over IT, while providing flexible access and a superior desktop experience over any network. Benefits include:

  • Streamlined management and control
  • Lower costs
  • Better security
  • Improved business agility
  • End-user satisfaction

Read this overview to discover how VMware View 4 can create a flexible desktop infrastructure in your organization.

VMware View Manager 4 Product Datasheet – A key component of the VMware View™ 4 desktop virtualization solution, VMware View Manager 4 can help you easily manage, provision and deploy virtual desktops across the enterprise. VMware View Manager enables you to upgrade and patch desktops centrally from the datacenter and efficiently manage 100s or 1000s of desktops from a single point of control. Benefits include:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Enterprise-class scalability and reliability
  • Unified access to hosted desktops running on multiple platforms
  • Better security
  • Improved business continuity and disaster recovery

Read this datasheet to learn about the extensive feature set of VMware View Manager 4 and how it can simplify the management of your desktop infrastructure.

VMware View Composer Product Datasheet – VMware View™ Composer, a key component of VMware vSphere™ 4, is tightly integrated with VMware View Manager to provide advanced image management and storage optimization. VMware View Composer reduces storage requirements for virtual desktop machines by up to 90 percent and enables organizations to more effectively manage their desktop images.

Read this datasheet to discover the features and benefits that make VMware View™ 4 Composer an essential cost-saving component of the industry’s leading solution for delivering desktops as a secure managed service.

VMware View 4 with PCoIP technology overview – Optimized for the delivery of virtual desktops, PC over IP (PCoIP) is a high-performance display protocol that’s purpose-build to deliver virtual desktops and provide a superior end user experience, regardless of end-user location on the LAN or across the WAN. Using PCoIP, IT organization can standardize on the leading desktop virtualization platform, VMware View™ 4, and deliver a host of capabilities and benefits to end users, including:

  • Flexibility to access virtual desktops from any location, without compromise
  • Reduced costs
  • Better desktop security
  • Simplified desktop management

Read this product overview to discover the many benefits of standardizing on PCoIP using VMware View 4.

VMware View 4 with PCoIP Information Guide – The new VMware View™ 4 with PC-over-IP (PCoIP) technology makes it possible for the first time to deploy desktop virtualization to all endpoints across your entire organization. By leveraging PCoIP, VMware View gives you the ability to deliver a high-quality desktop experience that is suitable for everyone from task workers to power users.

Download this information guide to get a broad informational overview of VMware View with PCoIP technology, including solution requirements, network characteristics, and deployment options, and to learn more about the capabilities, benefits, and advantages of PCoIP technology.

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