A Moment of Complete Mobile Reality with Andi Mann

Andi Mann is the VP of strategic solutions at CA Technologies. He has had a long and storied career history, which we discuss in episode 15 of our Virtualization EUC Podcast, starting from his automating himself out of his first job. In this podcast, he focuses on DevOps, then branches out to mobility, wearables, and augmented reality.

Since this podcast is really about mobility, the primary point that resonated with me was that mobility is a moving target. It’s about smart phones and laptops, and will cover wearables as more wearables begin hitting the market.

I was particularly interested in having this conversation with Andi because he’s regularly a voice of reason, or bringing sanity to Twitter. He’s good at handing out reality checks.

In this episode, we discuss how mobility is a new form of engagement, primarily for consumers. At the same time, it is increasingly a concern for companies that are trying to let their employees become more productive via their mobile devices.

As consumers, we are depending more and more on apps for things like banking, insurance, email, and nearly anything else you could think of.

We in senior IT are also having to engage with Millennials and Digital Natives. These are the younger people entering the current job market with new and different expectations. They have no brand loyalty when it comes to hardware or operating systems: they can switch between devices without missing a beat. What these young people care about are the applications, whether social or productivity apps. They are asking for options, and companies and IT are struggling to provide them.

Mobile technology is still changing. The environment hasn’t been swept clear by a perfect storm, or by a large player “good enough” to drown out competition…yet. Nor has all the technology converged in a way that makes mobility of any sort plug and play.

Further, there are still some very real security concerns. (PRISM, anyone?) With cloud and mobility, our information, both personal and business, is spread across the universe in multiple data centers. Who has visibility into our data, what are they doing with it, and how can it impact our lives? How much more vulnerable will our information become?

We are hearing about credit card leaks from companies like Target on the daily news. These breaches are why many European and Canadian corporations are not allowed to use American cloud providers. Besides their problems with security, some major corporations haven’t even updated their websites to work on a mobile screen. It’s just not something some companies are thinking of.

Companies will have to start approaching mobility using omnichannel strategies.

Later in the podcast, Andi and I have a really engaging conversation around wearables. I learned a lot from it, and I think you will too. I just can’t fit it all into a 500-word summary, but I promise you this: this conversation is probably one of the most enlightening you will have an opportunity to listen to, from a man who is exceptional at identifying trends and understanding their impact on consumer and business life.

So, please check out our Virtualization EUC Podcast episode 15, if you want a snapshot into the entire mobility ecosystem.

One thing Andi Mann is certain of:

“There will be a perfect storm, because of The Internet of Things. It just will not look like what everyone is expecting.”


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