“Mobility Is a Revolution about People, Not Technology,” Says Chris Reed

Christopher Reed, the Sigma practice manager for mobility and EUC, is our guest on Citrixgurl’s Virtualization EUC Podcast episode 19. He is responsible for the direction, design, and methodology that is implemented at Sigma customer sites.

I first encountered Chris Reed when he was a principal consultant at INX, which has now been acquired by Presidio. He moved on to a VMware role in End-User Computing before he found his groove at Sigma. I have been wanting to interview him for a while, because his ideas and the way he expresses them are pretty unforgettable and generally 100% accurate.

Mobility is absolutely on the roadmap for every enterprise-sized organization and most SMBs, so it’s a sweet spot to live in. It’s also challenging with regard to the back-end data center requirements to support its functionality (as in delivery of both consumption and productivity data). Challenging as well are the serious security concerns that come along with implementing mobility solutions.

Chris breaks down the history that has led to our current mobility predicament, thankfully starting with SBC as his jumping-off point.(’Cause who wants to hear about supercomputers that took up entire data centers or about the mainframe COBOL days…yeah, me neither.) He then skillfully and in a seriously unique manner leads us down the path to the current, somewhat chaotic and disruptive predicament experienced across our industry. At times it sounds more like hes speaking historically about governments that have risen and fallen throughout humanity’s evolution than giving a down-and-dirty mobile tech talk. His point is really that Sigma is not solving technology problems, but rather is solving problems for people. It is truly what informs his methodology, and this permeates and extends throughout Sigma as a company.

It’s a unique way of approaching solutions. I am also a consultant and have been a practice manager. The idea of solving problems starting from the individual user (not just their device—the actual user) and then working backward to the data center is a new methodology. Attention must be paid. The future of technologyall technology, both business and consumeris becoming about the individual, not the masses. Chris Reed has a vision, and it is worth investigating. You can follow Christopher Reed on Twitter @creedom2020.

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