Key VMworld 2011 Performance and Capacity Announcements

As is expected many vendors have announced and/or are delivering significant advances in Performance and Capacity Management for Virtualized and Cloud Based Environments. Significant announcements have been made by vKernel, Cirba, Reflex Systems, VMTurbo, and Xangati. Here is a brief review of each:

Quest vFoglight 6.6

With vFoglight 6.6, Quest has added robust Capacity Planning and Management to the market leading vFoglight solution. This includes the ability to identify workloads that have improper resource levels allocated to them, optimize the allocation of those resources, prevent future workload resource contention issues, and plan for new and changing workloads.


vKernel vOPS 4

In vOPS 4 vKernel has dramatically expanded the scalability of the user interface for the product, enabling it to easily deal with environments that consist of thousands of VM’s and to easily summarize the key performance and capacity points across such large environments. In addition to this, Hyper-V is now a fully supported hypervisor, and the company is introducing a Virtualization Cost Index (vCI) designed to show how much a VM is costing the company based upon the hardware it runs on, how much resource it uses, and how it is sharing (or not sharing) those resources with other VM’s.



VMTurbo is a unique performance and capacity management vendor in two respects. The first is that its free Community Edition includes many of the basic performance and capacity monitoring features that other vendors charge for in their products. The second is that the paid for product has the unique ability to price workloads and resources in virtual dollars, and then make resource allocation decisions based upon the true priority of the workload and the scarcity of the required resources. The issue with this approach has always been by what metric do you assess whether a workload is under stress or not. In its new release the load at the applications level measured as “transactions/second” can now be a priced and prioritized metrics. In other words if you want to make sure that your SQL Server can do N transactions per second, then you assign it a sufficient budget of virtual dollars around that metric, and VMTurbo will either give you recommendations or automatically adjust resource allocations in the infrastructure to make sure that this quality of service goal is met.


Reflex Systems  vCapacity

Reflex Systems has been known for quite some time for having the most scalable virtualization management platform on the market, with exceptionally deep and granular management of security and configuration. Reflex has now added Capacity Management to this feature set, making this the first solution that offers capacity management at scale integrated with these other aspects of virtualization management.

Reflex Systems


Xangati has been known has a highly effective Infrastructure Performance Management vendor with a focus upon understanding the latency in virtual and physical networks with a particular emphasis of understanding how network issues affect end user experience in VDI environments. Now Xangati has added deep integration with the storage latency API’s in vSphere providing an integrated storage and network view of end to end user experience. This makes Xangati into the first and only end-to-end infrastructure performance management vendor for VDI implementations.


CiRBA Data Center Control Version 7.0

CiRBA DCI – Control’s intuitive new user interface, the CiRBA Control Console, enables infrastructure managers to determine in a single glance which resources are appropriately placed, configured and provisioned and which are at risk at the VM, host, cluster and environment level. Through the new Action System, CiRBA also automates the execution of recommended actions required to address identified risks and inefficiencies, with integrations to third-party management systems such as VMware® vCenterTM and VMware® vCloudTM Director.


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