Is VMware trying to remake itself? To Compete with Microsoft?

With all the  rebranding going on with VMware, I find it interesting that the new logo for VMware is similar to Microsoft’s logo. A single name instead of the cool boxes they used to have. Did VMware’s brand loose its focus while we were not watching? Is this why VMware is rebranding everthing? Is VMware really trying to remake itself to be more like Microsoft?

First VMware rebranded the VMware Virtual Infrastructure to VMware vSphere yet did not change the name of the ESX product itself. I was confused by this move yet vSphere is easier to pronounce and write and quite frankly sounds cooler. They also changed the name of VMware Virtual Center to VMware vCenter.  In addition, all the management tools now include the name vCenter to say they all work together in some fashion; VMware vCenter Lab Manager for example. At the same time they changed their pricing structure.

Now VMware has rebranded its logo to one that has no umph behind it. Yet the logo now looks remarkably like Citrix’s and Microsoft’s. A single word.




VMware did not have an image problem before all the rebranding that went on, but I see that it will have one going forward.

  • First if all logos are placed together, there is really nothing that catches the eye and distinguishes VMware from the other Hypervisor Vendors.
  • Second, with the rebranding came even more confusion in licensing and nearly twice the price as it was before. It is almost as confusing now as it is with Microsoft’s licensing. Many may say both are easy to understand but a recent customer commented: “You need a consultant just to choose and place an order for product.” This is really the big issue with the SME: Price and ease of ordering.

Microsoft and VMware are competing in the hypervisor space. However, VMware does not need to become LIKE Microsoft to compete and win this market. Rebranding themselves just causes confusion within the ranks of their evangelists, existing customers, and future customers. But making licensing easier for the customer will help each vendor.

If VMware had an image problem they should rebrand, but they did not, VMware is still the most widely used hypervisor within the datacenter. Yet, VMware needs to successfully sell to the small and medium business to compete with Microsoft. This is a sales and pricing issue not a branding issue.Spend the monies to solve this problem, not on rebranding.

The brand exists. Now it is time to make it easier for VMware’s customers, not confusing or difficult.  Embrace the SMB, not confuse them even more, allow them to purchase items ala carte as needed. Perhaps all this rebranding and licensing is really just good news for Microsoft and Citrix.

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