Countdown to Launch

Friday was the day that the last space shuttle will be launch in to space.  The shuttle Atlantis is on the launch pad and ready to go.  As I watched the clock countdown to zero, I found myself reflecting on the idea that this launch will be the very last space shuttle flight.  I grew up in Florida and have been able to walk outside and watch the shuttles, over the years, launch into space.  I have enjoyed watching the launches as well as feeling the sonic booms when the shuttle would fly overhead on the way to the runway for touchdown.  For me and many others, this launch signifies the end of an era and the start of something new.

Something new, there seems like there is always some new that is coming and when working with computers there seems to always be something new every day but every once in a while there is a new technology that really helps define the industry and the direction it is going.  Virtualization is one of those technologies and it has been a fun ride working with this technology as it matures and becomes more and more mainstream and a focal part of our everyday lives.  As we design, deploy, and maintain are virtual environments or cloud infrastructure we are always looking to see what is new and the next big announcement is just around the corner.


Cloud Infrastructure takes a major step forward as VMware executives Paul Maritz, CEO and Steve Herrod, CTO talk about “Raising the Bar” during the online event and announcement Tuesday, July 12th 2011 at 9:00am Pacific / 12 noon Eastern.  VMware will be unveiling the next major step forward in Cloud infrastructure. After the 45 minute presentation there will be additional online sessions where you can learn more about VMware cloud infrastructure products and services.  You can register for this online event here and if you need another reason to attend, VMware will be giving away a free VMworld 2011 pass in either Las Vegas or Copenhagen.  Every one that registers and attends the event will be entered in to the drawing for the VMworld pass which is a $2195 value in itself.


Although the content announced for this event is very vague, I have heard through the grapevine that some really cool stuff will be talked about and addressed.  I cannot say any more than that but, this should be a very informative event to attend.

See you at the event and VMworld!!


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