Cloud RFP

The Virtualization Practice is moving to the cloud and have the following base requirements:

  • Migration take place via replication so that we can stay running until the cut-off time
  • Our current network structure for the work loads be maintained (as close as possible)
  • Our current security policies be enforced even within the cloud
  • Out current performance monitoring capabilities be available within the cloud
  • Migration take place to a secure (encrypted) container from which we can launch our work loads
  • Any movement between storage components within the cloud take place from one secure container to another

The underlying environment for The Virtualization Practice is a 100% Virtualized Environment based on VMware vSphere. The Virtualization Practice is looking to create a hybrid cloud environment.

As we move further into this process, this page will be updated.

last modified: January 19th, 2013 by Bernd Harzog