Chris Grayson Is a Man with a Luxury Wearable Plan

Christopher Grayson, our guest for episode 18 of Citrixgurl’s Virtualization EUC Podcast, is the founder, creator, and primary designer behind a luxury fashion brand.

What makes him relevant to end user computing is that he has the prescience to realize that not many women are interested in walking around with an iWatch that looks like it was designed primarily for men, with women being simply an afterthought.

In our podcast, we run through Christopher’s background, which is long and storied. His start in marketing evolved into augmented reality and has now led him to wearables. I first discovered Christopher through his posts about augmented reality, which is a topic I have a keen interest in. While mobile devices and wearables are still evolving (out in the open), augmented reality is quietly evolving in the background, and it will live in the end user computing space. What makes what Chris Grayson is doing with wearables unique is the materials he is using and his target customer. His initial offering will be silver, gold, and platinum jewelry targeted at ambitious and successful career women and wealthy women who have a need to feed their inner tech toy geek. Women might be unlikely to buy an iWatch, but the majority of his demographic certainly own an iPhone.

He is working on getting his application into the Apple Store. The functionality of the sexy, high-end wearable jewelry directed at women potentially will have many of the same features you would find in an iWatch: Apple Pay, hotel and car key replacement, fitness tracking, actionable notifications and glances, remote control functionality, and more. You can check out his website here:

However, to be clear, this is still speculative. While Chris Grayson is working diligently on his luxury goods line’s jewelry design and the application for Apple Store, we won’t be able to do more than speculate on what the first round of functionality will look like or how it will work with the Apple Store application. Everyone knows how difficult it is to get into the Apple Store. It makes me wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to go with the Google Play Store, simply because Apple could see this as a turf intrusion. That Steve Jobs is no longer captain of the ship doesn’t mean that Apple has lost its territorial edge.

You can follow Christopher Grayson on Twitter @chrisgrayson. He is definitely worth a follow.

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