Chris Fleck: Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

I had a chance to speak with Chris Fleck, Citrix’s VP of mobility solutions and associated alliances, for episode 14 of our Virtualization EUC Podcast a while back. Our conversation focused on mobility, naturally. Talk revolved around some of Citrix’s newer acquisitions, such as Zenprise, which is an MDM solution for managing apps and data, not just devices.

Citrix has managed to merge some of its mobile products with CloudGateway, including XenMobile MDM, XenMobile App, and XenMobile Enterprise. Each of these has a different price tag associated with it.

We also spoke about EMM (enterprise mobility management) and manageability, a huge barrier for enterprise mobile device adoption.

Our discussion continued with an examination of the ways in which XenMobile App and XenMobile Enterprise provide a BYOD (bring your own device) methodology out of the box. Citrix has a compatibility website you can look at for all of the features and suggested deployment methods. Part of our discussion revolved around end user expectations. It’s been a while since the traditional laptop was the only acceptable mobility solution.

Chris speaks on the direction Citrix is going in, such as extending Worx Apps beyond email. This generally involves integrating WorxMail with GoToMeeting as well as with WorxNotes products. This product merger is about more than just security. It expands functionality, too, and it extends the company’s Worx Apps in the app store. They are competing with free apps that people feel they need to use to get their jobs done. Citrix wants to provide a set of apps that are compliant with company policy and are legal. We briefly discussed refactoring legacy apps; Citrix is investing heavily in Reddo Mobility, a company doing exactly that.

I asked Chris how much of Citrix’s HDX (XenApp/XenDesktop) protocol was making it into its MDX protocol (mobility protocol).

Citrix is confident that is has a holistic solution running from front end and back end. I personally think that is something of an overstatement, but is true for a fraction of business cases. Citrix’s mobility unit is honed in on mobilization today. It is focused on how it can help companies make money using these mobile technologies through their employees, using applications they’ve built and continue to improve.

We also had a lively discussion around wearable devices and augmented reality. Listen Here.

The man certainly has his eye on the goal and won’t be taking it off that goal any time soon.

You can follow Chris Fleck at either of the locations listed directly below.

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