CA Gets Serious about Virtualization Management and Performance

Up until now, leading edge virtualization management and virtualization performance management solutions have come from either VMware its self or from the mostly start-up based VMware ecosystem. Key vendors in the start-up ecosystem who have focused upon VMware and have gained early traction with customers include Akorri, ApDynamics, BlueStripe, Hyper9, New Relic, Vizioncore, Virtual Instruments, and Xangati.

While CA (now renamed CA Technologies “CAT”) has previously added support for virtualization to its existing products and in some cases given virtualization oriented names to existing products, CA had not yet until today come up with dedicated and focused offerings for the virtualization and cloud markets. The new products detailed below show that CAT is determined to catch up with the start-up based ecosystem in terms of virtualization specific solutions, and that CAT is currently far ahead of the other big three systems management vendors (IBM, HP, and BMC).

For customers of CA who rely upon CAT products to manage a complex and heterogeneous infrastructure, it is very reassuring to see CAT jump out in front of the virtualization and cloud opportunity at this point in time. The timing is in fact impeccable, as so many enterprises have found their virtualization efforts stalled after the low hanging fruit has been virtualized. Since the reasons for the stalls are overwhelmingly related to virtualization management in general and virtualization performance management in particular these new offerings from CAT seem right on the mark.

CA Virtual Assurance helps customers improve uptime and performance of virtual and private cloud environments by providing comprehensive monitoring, event correlation, and fault and performance management. Key features include model-based root-cause analytics, real-time and historical performance metrics, as well as visibility into virtual networking and application traffic response across virtual layers.

CA Virtual Automation helps customers rapidly deploy, expand, and control virtual and private cloud environments by providing automated self-service virtualization machine lifecycle management. Key features include resource pool management, template-based virtual machine provisioning, provisioning support for Amazon ECS and Amazon VPC, integrated self-service with chargeback, and capacity and utilization tracking and reporting.

CA Virtual Configuration enables customers to efficiently maintain operational consistency and compliance in dynamic virtual and private cloud environments. It automates discovery of virtual environments to inventory and baseline virtual machines, infrastructure, applications, and dependencies. It then enables customers to manage sprawl, track and compare configuration changes as well as help meet regulatory compliance and audit needs. Key features include discovery of virtual environments, including application dependencies, configuration change tracking and thousands of compliance security and best practice pre-defined rules to help track and encourage the path towards greater standardization.