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Tom Howarth is an IT Veteran of over 20 years experience and is the owner of PlanetVM.Net Ltd, Tom is a moderator of the VMware Communities forum. He is a contributing author on VMware vSphere(TM) and Virtual Infrastructure Security: Securing ESX and the Virtual Environment, and the forthcoming vSphere a Quick Guide. He regularly does huge virtualization projects for enterprises in the U.K. and elsewhere in EMEA. Tom was Elected vExpert for 2009 and each subsequent year thereafter.

Sauron, I Mean Cisco, Buys Piston Cloud

CloudComputingCloud computing is starting to come of age. It has fundamentally altered the IT landscape, dramatically boosting IT agility while lowering costs. What started out as a side project for companies like VMware has led to the proliferation of cloud providers and stacks from IaaS providers based on OpenStack, PaaS providers like Cloud Foundry, and SaaS providers like Dropbox and Salesforce.

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Flash, Ah-ahh, Savior of the Data Center

DataCenterVirtualizationFlash is taking over the world. With prices falling, we are now at a tipping point where flash is the leader rather than the upsell in new storage acquisitions for the data center. However, opinions differ regarding where this flash should be inserted. There are three main sides to this argument, and at the base of it all, it comes down to where you believe your performance point should be.

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Cisco to Buy Nutanix: Only the Truly Divine Would Deny Their Divinity

DataCenterVirtualizationThere has been a rumor flying around the twitterverse and other social media outlets that Cisco is about to announce that it is buying Nutanix. This rumor started circulating when a report from a Portland-based equity research firm was released, opining that as a last post, John Chambers was going to buy Nutanix. Now, as good a story as this is, it is a story, as the analyst quotes no sources. He is, however, quite bullish about the possibility and argues confidently that an announcement will be made as soon as the .NEXT Conference in June.

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