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Simon is an independent industry analyst covering enterprise desktop, mobile and application virtualization, delivery and management technologies. He is an experienced solutions architect with unmatched insight into the challenges of designing large (200,000 seat plus) high availability presentation and desktop virtualization systems. Simon was invited to join the Citrix Technology Professionals (CTP) group in May 2010 and joined the Virtualization Practice in September 2010

Amazon Zocalo: What to Do When You Have More Disk Than God


Cloud behemoth Amazon has found a new outlet for its NSA-scale™ disk farms in its new enterprise file sync and store service, Zocalo. After years of offering dumb cloud object storage with its Amazon S3 simple storage service, Amazon is climbing up the storage value stack with an enterprise cloud file store that will put pressure on Box, SugarSync, and the like.  Continue reading Amazon Zocalo: What to Do When You Have More Disk Than God

Windows 8: A Worthy Successor to Bob

DesktopVirtualizationIf Windows 8 on DaaS is a nonstarter, what about the desktop?

Windows 8 has been at the receiving end of a near-constant stream of criticism since its launch in October of 2012. In the face of relatively low levels of adoption, it has been compared with Windows Vista, the now largely forgotten speed bump that was released between Windows XP and Windows 7. Much of the disapproval was centered on the new Metro design language (Modern UI) and the decision to replace the conventional Start menu with the Windows Phone–style Start screen.

Continue reading Windows 8: A Worthy Successor to Bob

Windows 8 DaaS? I Think Not.

DesktopVirtualizationAn advertisement from MyCloudIT claiming to offer a Windows 8 DaaS caught my eye this morning. Interesting stuff. Well, maybe not. Poke a little deeper, and MyCloudIT clarifies that what you are getting is not Windows 8.1, but a “Windows 8.1 Experience.” That is to say, not Windows 8.1, and not even a desktop OS. As with many DaaS providers today, MyCloudIT is offering either a shared RDS desktop or a dedicated remote desktop on a Windows 2012 R2 server in Azure. And well, yes, I suppose Windows Server 2012 R2 does look a lot like Windows 8, but to what end.

Continue reading Windows 8 DaaS? I Think Not.

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp: Web-scale Client Application Hosting

azure logoMicrosoft Azure RemoteApp, previously known by its codename, Mohoro, was released at TechEd 2014 in Houston last month as a public beta. What is it? Was it worth the wait? And whatever happened to Microsoft’s DaaS platform?

Project Mohoro first came to light in May 2013 amid speculation that Microsoft was developing its own DaaS platform. Even as respected technology journalist Mary Jo Foley correctly reported that Mohoro was Windows RemoteApp as a hosted service, the majority of pundits chose to believe that Mohoro was DaaS for Azure, despite the lack of any supporting evidence. Microsoft was hardly likely to go out of its way to correct this opinion. With its public launch, it is now possible to look more closely at Azure and compare it to its siblings. Continue reading Microsoft Azure RemoteApp: Web-scale Client Application Hosting

Chesterfield County Schools Turn to Sphere 3D for Windows on Chromebooks

ITasaServiceSphere3DUnless you work in education you might not know it, but Microsoft and Apple have a serious and growing Chromebook problem. According to data from Futuresource Consulting, Chromebook adoption has grown from less than 1% of all devices shipped within the education market in 2012 to more than 25% of shipments in Q4 2013. Earlier this month, Google announced that Chesterfield County Public Schools, one of the one hundred largest school systems in the US, was buying 32,000 Dell Chromebooks, one for each of its middle and high school students. Continue reading Chesterfield County Schools Turn to Sphere 3D for Windows on Chromebooks

Budget VDI Leader NComputing Joins DaaS Party

NComputing logoNComputing is joining the highly competitive Desktop as a Service (DaaS) business with an extension of its vSpace VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) platform that enables service providers to offer Desktops as a Service at a fraction of the cost of currently available services. At the same time, NComputing has announced that it has been selected by So-net, a member of the Sony Group, for its new DaaS service, which goes live across Japan today (May 21, 2014). Continue reading Budget VDI Leader NComputing Joins DaaS Party

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