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Simon is an independent industry analyst covering enterprise desktop, mobile and application virtualization, delivery and management technologies. He is an experienced solutions architect with unmatched insight into the challenges of designing large (200,000 seat plus) high availability presentation and desktop virtualization systems. Simon was invited to join the Citrix Technology Professionals (CTP) group in May 2010 and joined the Virtualization Practice in September 2010

VMworld 2014 — The Essential Desktop Sessions

DesktopVirtualizationVMworld US 2014It’s that time again. VMworld 2014 opens in San Francisco on Monday, August 25. With seventy-four sessions covering end user computing this year, it’s clear that VMware is as serious about the desktop as it is about the data center. I’ve been looking through the session catalog to find what promise to be the most informative and thought-provoking desktop sessions of the conference. Continue reading VMworld 2014 — The Essential Desktop Sessions

Microsoft’s Project Catapult Puts Custom Chips in the Cloud

CloudComputingMicrosoft is testing a new server technology with Project Catapult that is likely to play an important role in future cloud computing environments—a server technology that can dramatically increase the performance of some data center workloads and breathe fresh life into Moore’s Law, all without significantly increasing server cost or power consumption. Microsoft Research’s Project Catapult pairs Intel Xeon CPUs with high-performance field-programmable gate array (FPGA) processors configured to perform a set of predefined, resource-intensive calculations that are the core of the Bing search engine page-ranking service.

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Citrix XenServer Creedence Tech Preview

DataCenterVirtualizationCitrix100x30Citrix has announced the availability of the “Creedence” tech preview of the next version of XenServer, building on the open-source Xen Project’s Creedence alpha.4 release. The biggest change in Creedence is the move to an all 64-bit implementation. While the Xen hypervisor has always been 64-bit and can run both 32 and 64-bit guest operating systems, the XenServer control domain, dom0, has not. Dom0 is where the management tasks run, and more importantly here, it is where the physical hardware is controlled. Moving to a fully 64-bit implementation will enable significant performance and scalability improvements as well as important changes to hardware support.

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Microsoft StorSimple Hybrid SAN Links Data Center Back to Azure

StorageNetworkingAzureTwo years after its acquisition of cloud storage gateway vendor StorSimple, Microsoft is introducing new physical and virtual appliances into a hybrid cloud storage service that will blur the lines between on-premises SAN and Azure cloud storage for its customers. Continue reading Microsoft StorSimple Hybrid SAN Links Data Center Back to Azure

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