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Simon is an independent industry analyst covering enterprise desktop, mobile and application virtualization, delivery and management technologies. He is an experienced solutions architect with unmatched insight into the challenges of designing large (200,000 seat plus) high availability presentation and desktop virtualization systems. Simon was invited to join the Citrix Technology Professionals (CTP) group in May 2010 and joined the Virtualization Practice in September 2010

The Cloud Workspace, Part 2: Virtual Workspaces

DesktopVirtualizationIn part one of this article, we looked at the different types of DaaS products and services that masquerade as cloud workspaces, breaking down the marketplace into:

  • Desktop Platform as a Service: A bare-bones service offering licensing, infrastructure, and very little else;
  • Integrated Desktop as a Service: Mainstream DaaS complete with integrated image and application management services; and
  • Managed Desktop as a Service: The cloud desktop as a fully managed outsourced service.

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News: nGenx Drops Citrix for IndependenceIT — December 3, 2014

DesktopVirtualizationIndependenceIT announced yesterday that leading DaaS provider nGenx is dropping Citrix in favor of standardizing IndependenceIT Cloud Workspace Suite (CWS)—covered in depth here last month. CWS will serve as the foundation for nGenx nFinity Workspace, nGenx XP apps hosting, and nGenx Line of Business Application Hosting for faster deployment and simplified management at a lower overall cost.

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AppStream: Amazon’s Answer to Azure RemoteApp

ApplicationVirtualizationWhen Amazon launched AppStream alongside its Desktop-as-a-Service platform WorkSpaces last year, it didn’t get much attention compared to the scene-stealing DaaS platform. However, a year later, with WorkSpaces slow to get its bits together, AppStream may have a better chance of mainstream success. Continue reading AppStream: Amazon’s Answer to Azure RemoteApp

The Cloud Workspace, Part 1: DaaS by Any Other Name?

DesktopVirtualizationIn reviewing various DaaS services over the last few months, a common theme has emerged: Any and every service provider wants to deliver, or at least wants you to think that it can deliver, some sort of cloud workspace.

But just what is a cloud workspace, and how does it differ from DaaS?  Continue reading The Cloud Workspace, Part 1: DaaS by Any Other Name?

Update: Amazon WorkSpaces – 11/17/2014

DesktopVirtualizationOriginal article: Amazon WorkSpaces DaaS: Not a Lot of Desktop, Very Little Service.

Amazon has been tweaking its WorkSpaces offering, introducing a new “value-sized” virtual desktop and adjusting the standard virtual desktop specification, doubling the vCPU count to two and bumping memory from 3.75 to 4 GB.

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IndependenceIT Cloud Workspace Suite

DesktopVirtualizationIndependence ITOver the past few weeks, I have been putting several DaaS providers under the microscope. I first looked at Amazon WorkSpaces and found it to be a decidedly lackluster service that was all the more disappointing coming from a company that has a proven ability to do far better. Next I looked at dinCloud, an independent DaaS platform developer and hosting provider, and found a capable second-generation DaaS platform being offered with a better SLA, lower cost, and greater flexibility than Amazon provides, from a company that knows and understands desktops. Having said that, dinCloud’s big differentiator over Amazon is not the incremental improvements it offers over Amazon WorkSpaces, but rather is something that Amazon is actually very good at: enabling customers to add value through service automation—in short, providing a DaaS API. Continue reading IndependenceIT Cloud Workspace Suite