Second-Quarter Cloud Vendor Highlights

The second quarter highlights based on the cloud vendors’ conference calls is now in, and all reports seem to indicate another strong and healthy quarter in the public cloud space. The companies that have reported in and are a part of this highlight are Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Oracle, and SAP. While the overall cloud marketplace with these vendors remains healthy and growing, there are a couple of areas within the marketplace to showcase. 


Second Quarter Cloud Insights

Second Quarter Cloud Insights: If I had to choose a few keywords to give insight into how the second quarter in the cloud space has shaped up, they would be demand, serverless and API. The outlook of the cloud industry, namely Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), appear to be improving with around a fifty percent year over year growth so far 2017.  Compare that to the prior quarter of around forty-five percent with international demand and the implementation of corporate “cloud-first” initiatives driven by the company C-Level executives.


Blindly Heading Toward the Technology Abyss

Blindly heading toward the technology abyss. For years now, more and more information is moved and stored into the digital world and each and every day we keep hearing about yet another system that has been compromised and more data has been stolen or as of recent news, another ransomware attack that is shutting down computers around the world. The thing is for certain, these attacks and thefts of data are becoming more and more frequent and nefarious in nature with reports coming in that the most recent ransomware attack may not be ransomware at all but rather something much worse.


Dell and Amazon Start Making a Positive Impact on VMware

Dell and Amazon are starting to make a positive impact on VMware. Once we learned about the Dell acquisition of EMC, there was a lot of speculation on how this acquisition would affect VMware moving forward. I believe we are starting to see some of the positive effects of this acquisition.


Will the Cloud’s Future Be Defined by Its Edge?

Is the future of the cloud going to be defined by the edge of the cloud? One of the main trend of a current modern day cloud computing systems is the centralized compute applied within the data center itself with the edge of the cloud being the entry portal into the computing services of the cloud. This has been the typical setup for most all of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms.  Pick your SaaS wither it be Office365, Service Now, SAP or name your service and the endpoint is usually the end user access point to query and interact with the backend computing systems but now things that can be classified as the next generation Internet-of-Things (IoT) appears to be one of the driving factors in the push of the compute into the edge devices.