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With over 20 years working in the IT industry I have had varied sub careers. My first decade was as a programmer, developing applications in CASE tools for major corporations in Asia. There was the obligatory dotcom involvement in a start up. For the last decade I have worked in systems integration as a consultant. Today my focus and passion is on virtualisation. I spend my time doing evangelism, architecting and practice management. Thinking how to drive business value by bringing together virtualisation with all the surrounding elements of the ecosystem (networking, storage, systems, management) is where I like to spend my time. My particular interests at the moment are around Cloud computing and VDI.

vCloud Express


At VMworld last week VMware introduced the vCloud Express service which is to be available through its service partner providers. During the keynote presentation on Tuesday the 1st of September, VMware CEO, Paul Maritz, described vCloud Express as

“targeted at the end of the market where you want very rapid, very inexpensive provisioning, where you can use it for trying things out, light workloads, with the key criteria of time and price”. Continue reading vCloud Express