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I have been successful at delivering a consistent message for the past fifteen years to audiences from the C-suite to middle management, and that is in today’s ever-changing business climate, successful companies are those that create an enterprise that can effectively synchronize business and IT. By matching their company's evolving business needs to their IT environments, they can strike a balance across managing costs and risks, increasing value and quality, and enhancing business agility.By using people, process, and technology I have helped IT organizations through the transformation into a fundamental enabler for the enterprise. Through this transformation, the enterprise shifts from a series of disjointed business units with isolated, manually connected applications to one that has distributed, integrated business processes that connects with trading partners and is supported by a common, shared infrastructure.It is an evolutionary path, not revolutionary transformation and this type of enterprise is not bought but built. This is what I have dedicated my career to helping companies understand.Specialties IT Strategic Planning & Roadmap Enterprise Architecture & Framework Data & IT Strategy Integration Cloud Computing / Virtualization IT Portfolio Management Engagement Management Business Development & Growth Client, Team & Partner Relations

Cisco Uses Change and Innovation To Capture Marketshare

I start my day, every day, with what I call a daily news briefing.  I first read the daily newspapers, Financial Times, International Herald Tribune, and the Wall Street Journal.  During my daily news briefing last Saturday (July 25th), I was captivated by an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal Saturday Edition titled, Silicon Valley Survivor“. This piece was on one of this industry’s CEOs that I admire and respect highly for his insight into the long-term direction of the industry; John Chambers of Cisco Systems. Continue reading Cisco Uses Change and Innovation To Capture Marketshare

News: VMWorld 2009 Sunday Night Extravaganza

Are you heading to VMWorld 2009?  If so, you don’t want to miss a great community-based event the night before things kick off on  Monday.  I’m co-hosting the VMWorld 2009 Sunday Night Extravaganza with some close industry colleages, Theron Conrey of, John Avery, and Sean Clark of and the “Benevolent Dictator” over at

This is the third year for this event and it has grown by leaps and bounds.  The reason is because of the awesome sponsors; you can check them out here:

Please make sure that you RSVP for the event, that way you are automatically eligible for the awesome prizes that are being donated by our sponsors.  If you don’t RSVP, you’re out of luck.

So if you get into San Francisco early on Sunday and aren’t going to a vendor party, or have nothing else to do come hang out with the rest of us at The Thirsty Bear.  Check out the site here.

A Merger Scenario: HP and Citrix

I was thinking about combinations of mergers with Citrix that would make sense the other day during a conversation with some industry colleagues.  I spoke about what I thought of an HP and Citrix marriage.  It wasn’t the hottest “hook-up” mentioned, but it’s the one that made the most sense.  We tossed around IBM and Citrix, we talked about Microsoft and Citrix, we spoke about other possibilities as well like Oracle and Cisco snatching up Citrix.  It was very interesting to think about the scenarios and what “might be” if they were to ever happen.  My argument against any of the other names we talked about was that these other players like IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, and Oracle just didn’t make sense due to some of the other competitive moves they have made recently.  I kept coming back to HP and Citrix, but I have to admit HP has made some competitive moves as well, so a Citrix acquisition today probably isn’t likely, but I’m sure is on the minds of Mark Hurd and Mark Templeton. Continue reading A Merger Scenario: HP and Citrix

Creating A Dynamic IT Environment

In a recent discussion with a group of executives, I stated “these are very tough times, but the technology is there to be revolutionary and make great things happen for the business. I told them that they just need to be that revolutionary person to drive change.” I’ve had a couple of comments online and more offline directly to me around innovation. I wanted to share some of my thoughts on being innovative and some things that you can do to help push the “innovation envelope” and create a dynamic IT environment. Continue reading Creating A Dynamic IT Environment

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