Will Scale-Out Architectures Kill Enterprise Storage?

Google, VMware, Hadoop, and Nutanix have all voted at least in part for a scale-out architecture that does not rely on enterprise storage. VMware and Nutanix are important because they apply these concepts to traditional enterprise workloads. Hadoop represents the future of how data-intensive computing will be done.


Addressing Users’ VDI Performance Concerns

In Do Users Have a Negative Perception of Desktop Virtualization?, James Rankin brought up a set of issues that arise whenever a new platform is deployed in an organization. Those issues revolve around the fact that users tend to then blame …
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News: Intigua Virtualizes the Management Layer

Intigua’s strategy is to add virtualization, configuration, and control of the management stack in virtualized data centers and clouds to the existing virtualization of compute, networking and storage. This means that the configuration, deployment, and control of the operation of the management stack can be moved from the disparate members of the management stack into Intigua’s software. This is a bold attempt to establish an new category of virtualization – which if it succeeds will solve a really important problem.