News: Splunk Announces Splunk App for Stream

Splunk acquired Cloudmeter back in December 2013. Splunk App for Stream is the result of this acquisition. It gives Splunk customers the ability to parse network data and add that data to their Splunk datastores. The Splunk App for Stream …
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News: ExtraHop Announces Open Data Stream — Sets Its Data Free

These days, just about every management product you might buy comes with one or more databases. This makes it extremely difficult to engage in analysis and correlation across datastores, which is one of the main reasons why management of IT …
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Will Docker and VMware Compete?

Docker and VMware vSphere both allow the running of multiple applications on one physical server. However, the similarities end there. Docker is more likely to focus on meeting the emerging needs of the DevOps community than to go back and build all of the data center management pieces that make VMware the market-leading data center management platform.


Gigaom Structure: Hyperscale Cloud Innovation

Attending Gigaom Structure was an exercise in getting fire-hosed with the leading edge innovation that public cloud providers are bringing to their customers worldwide. These innovations not only will have a profound effect on public cloud computing, but also will …
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