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Bernd Harzog is the Analyst at The Virtualization Practice for Performance and Capacity Management and IT as a Service (Private Cloud). Bernd is also the CEO and founder of APM Experts a company that provides strategic marketing services to vendors in the virtualization performance management, and application performance management markets. Prior to these two companies, Bernd was the CEO of RTO Software, the VP Products at Netuitive, a General Manager at Xcellenet, and Research Director for Systems Software at Gartner Group. Bernd has an MBA in Marketing from the University of Chicago.

The New Leaders of the Management Software Industry

PerformanceManagementSince the inception of the modern software industry in the mid-1980s, the management software industry has been led by the big four: IBM, BMC, HP, and CA. Due to the needs of the software-defined data center and the cloud, a new set of leaders and innovators has emerged. This post will cover the new leaders, and my next post will cover the new innovators.

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Managing Application Performance with Log Analysis

PerformanceManagementThere are three use cases for log analysis: security, IT Operations, and application management. In this post, we drill down into how to use log analysis, the various complementary apps, and integrations from various APM and AA-IPM partners that can be used to manage applications and their performance.  Continue reading Managing Application Performance with Log Analysis

Compuware Taken Private — Implications


On September 2, 2014, Compuware announced that it has agreed to become acquired by private equity firm Thoma Bravo for approximately $2.5 billion. This casts into sharp relief the fate of the old and new players in the application performance management (APM) market and gives Compuware a choice of which to be.

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News: Gigamon and VMware Partner to Address NSX Visibility

PerformanceManagementEvery time we as an industry come up with a wonderful innovation, we tend to deploy that innovation before we have the ability to manage it in production. This occurred with the first round of data center virtualization—and resulted in an entirely new category of operations management solutions. But these new solutions did not arrive until several years after CPU and memory virtualization had become widely adopted. Gigamon and VMware seem determined to break this cycle with their joint announcement addressing the question of NSX visibility.

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News: AppDynamics Goes Big Data with Its Summer 2014 Release

PerformanceManagementBack when APM got started, it was used to monitor complex applications that ran on relatively few servers and changed once a year or even less frequently. Now applications are distributed across thousands or even tens of thousands of servers, and they change daily. This requires management vendors to collect more types of data, and to collect this data more frequently which turns APM into a big data problem.

The AppDynamics Big Data Release

This week, AppDynamics announced its Summer 2014 release with a host of major new features. The most interesting of these features is that AppDynamics has decided to put its metric data into an open-source big data back end—Hadoop. This has several implications for the management software industry:

    • Like ExtraHop, which has just announced that it has “set [its] data free,” AppDynamics is now taking a leadership position in letting customers use their data for any use case imaginable by putting that data in an open-source database.
    • This sharpens the distinction between “commodity data” and “valuable data.” Commodity data is data that is collected by operating systems and devices and made freely available via management APIs, like the vSphere API, WMI, SNMP, and SMIS. Valuable data, like that which AppDynamics collects (detailed interactions of transactions with their application run times across an N-tier system), can only be collected the “hard way,” which is through world-class instrumentation designed with great care by people who really know what they are doing.
    • If ExtraHop and AppDynamics are willing to set their “valuable” data free, then what justification is there for a vendor that just collects commodity operating system or network statistics to lock its data up in a vendor-proprietary data store?

You can read more about the new AppDynamics release at the links below:

AppDynamics Brings Big Data Science to APM in Summer ’14 Release 

Clear, meaningful data visualization

Platform to capture and process Big Data streams in real-time

Industry’s most comprehensive monitoring and data collection offering


Splunk no longer has the big data pond to itself in the management software arena. Both ExtraHop and AppDynamics have delivered significant innovations based on open source big data back ends.

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