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Bernd Harzog is the Analyst at The Virtualization Practice for Performance and Capacity Management and IT as a Service (Private Cloud). Bernd is also the CEO and founder of APM Experts a company that provides strategic marketing services to vendors in the virtualization performance management, and application performance management markets. Prior to these two companies, Bernd was the CEO of RTO Software, the VP Products at Netuitive, a General Manager at Xcellenet, and Research Director for Systems Software at Gartner Group. Bernd has an MBA in Marketing from the University of Chicago.

Will the Public Cloud Be the Next Legacy Platform?

CloudComputingRight now, the three major public clouds (Amazon, Microsoft, and Google) seem all shiny and new, like many technologies seemed at some point in the past. Let’s see if we can learn from history and assess the risk of the public cloud’s becoming just another legacy platform.

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The Potentially Pervasive Impact of Docker

VirtualizationManagementIconDocker could end up as just another abstraction layer, or it could end up being much more. In this article, we explore the scenario in which Docker has a pervasive impact on the IT industry and potentially disrupts several existing industries and market leaders. There is no guarantee that these pervasive effects will occur: this is pure speculation. Continue reading The Potentially Pervasive Impact of Docker

Beware the Single Glass of Pain

PerformanceManagementIn the world of managing systems, networks, servers, operating systems, virtualization, application performance, and end user experience, the “single pane of glass” has been a holy grail. Many organizations have spent so much time and money pursuing this goal that the pursuit itself has turned into a single glass of pain.  Continue reading Beware the Single Glass of Pain