Overly, Underlay, Packets Flow Free. Is SDN Going to Take Over the World?

A software-defined network: is it an evolution or a revolution in networking? The hype of SDN has been around for several years, but as yet it doesn’t seem to have managed to get much traction outside of the MSPs and …
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Does Net Neutrality Truly Exist?

There are a number of issues surrounding net neutrality (See Tom and Steve‘s articles). While governments can legislate and attempt to control the Internet, we as users, whether parents, teachers, preachers, or children, already practice forms of anti–net neutrality. We …
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Another Side of the Net Neutrality Debate

My friend and colleague Tom Howarth published an article titled Net Neutrality Threatened as FCC Plans Internet Fast Lanes. In his post, Tom did a very good job articulating the pro–net neutrality arguments. I thought this would be a good opportunity to present the other side of the net neutrality argument, but in the midst of my research I found that my positions and views on this matter are moving in a different direction.