Beyond Virtualization: Security within the Guest

The October 12, 2017 virtualization and cloud security podcast moved up the stack. In it, we discussed security within the guest operating system. This approach to security applies to clouds, virtualization, and physical systems. Unlike Software as a Service (SaaS), …
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Microsoft Has Expanded Its Global Presence

On September 22, Microsoft made some major availability announcements. The first was its announcement that the Marea subsea cable has been completed. This is a joint Microsoft, Facebook, and Telefónica project that will deliver 160 terabits of data per second across the …
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Data Protection Coverage: Anti-Ransomware

Since ransomware is a crucial topic, phase 3 of our Data Protection Coverage report delves into anti-ransomware technologies. The disaster recovery and business continuity software used within an enterprise is in a unique position, one that allows easy detection of …
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