The TVP Strategy website has some unique features that may at first seem like issues, this help is here to assist you with some commonly asked questions:

1. Where is my password? I just registered?

Passwords are entered as part of registration. However, if you cannot find, remember, or were not asked for a password please use the Lost Password option on the Login screen.

2. I cannot Login, user invalid?

Email validation has been sent, but the link has not been clicked upon. Often such emails are blocked by SPAM and other filters as they contain a link that you need to access in order to authorize your account on The Virtualization Practice. Please allow or white list email from

3. Having trouble logging In

Please remove the cookie for ‘*’ and re-attempt your login. We recently changed our cookies and this affects logins. If the problem continues please request assistance using the form below. In addition, on Chrome browsers, you may have to refresh the screen before you show as logged in.

4. A white box appears on the screen or a white page appearsĀ  and the content does not look like it has downloaded.

This is a side effect of the download process within the browser itself. Often the browser, in the case of IE may present a dialog box for the download. When this happens, the content may or may not be placed within the window opened for it. What actually happens within the ‘white’ window depends entirely upon the browser plugins in use and the browser. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a mechanism to detect when this happens.

For now you can easily click the X in the upper right of the window to close it. Be assured the download did happen and the material is saved according to your browser and plugin policies.

5. What do I use to fill in my LinkedIn username?

The LinkedIn URL we are using is<username>, where <username> is the username returned when you do a search within LinkedIn. Generally <username> will be in the format of ‘firstlast’ with no punctuation between the first and lastname.

To ask more questions please use the form below.

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