Who We Are

The Virtualization Practice, LLC, is a boutique analyst firm concentrating on virtualization and cloud technologies, companies, and organizations. If your product, organization, or company works in, fixes problems within, or enables virtual and cloud environments, we are interested in hearing from you. Our goal is to educate the market about what is out there for virtual and cloud environments.

Although these environments have been around for many years, we still find that many people do not know what is available. We are here to solve that problem by providing education and a look at what the future can hold. We do this by taking briefings, talking with people, researching various topics, and concentrating on thought leadership in the areas of virtualization and cloud technologies and services. We help our sponsors by writing about their products and technologies, determining how their products fit into virtual and cloud environments, and assisting them with the marketing of their products from messaging to getting the word out.

For more information please Request our Sponsors Package, fill out a Help request, or contact us at:

The Virtualization Practice, LLC
7300 Napier Trail
Austin TX, 78729

What sets us apart is that all our analysts are consultants in their own right, working day in and day out on what they write about. Our cast of characters follows (click on each photo to read biographies and see contact information):

Edward Haletky
Tom Howarth
Mike Norman
Steve Beaver
Greg Schulz
Michael Keen
Bob Plankers
Mike Kavis
Glenda Canfield
James Rankin
Jo Harder
Alastair Cooke
Anthony Metcalf

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