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Established in 2009, TVP Strategy is an analyst organization focused on analyzing, researching and reporting about virtualization and cloud trends that impact businesses today. Our analysts all ‘come from the trenches’ and therefore have a unique insight into how technology can deliver business value. We also have the battle scars to know how not to do things. This experience means we provide our clients with a variety of analytical content that can really move the needle for their business. Focusing primarily on the vendor community, TVP Strategy has delivered projects for premiere organizations within the cloud and virtualization space, including VMware, Veeam, HyTrust, Turbonomic, and, Puppet. We frequently attend, and speak at, some of the major industry events, such as VMworld, OpenStack Summit, DockerCon and many more. Reporting from these events provides our members and partners a level of insight that they could only obtain by attending in person.

  • TVP Strategy does research. We look into all aspects of the hybrid and multi-cloud. We use our technical know-how to create sense out of chaos.
  • Engaging with TVP Strategy to create customized content to complement your own marketing assets enables you to tap into a wealth of knowledge from our analysts who, between them, have over 100 years of IT experience
  • Our own research highlights that over 80% of recipients engage further with 3rd party content than vendor produced collateral
  • They say “Content is King” and we agree, it’s all about the content, as long as it’s the right content!
  • TVP produced content can be customized to your needs, thought leadership led or an independent technical review of your technology

The Stats

The Stats

The “Products”

  • Independent Research
    • Detailed product analysis and comparisons along many vectors
  • Virtual Thoughts Know-Casts
    • 15 mins video podcasts on your technology
  • Analyst Webinars
    • Market overview with your representative and one of our analysts
  • Reference Architectures
    • TVP develops independent peer-reviewed reference architectures that take a very complex environment and simplify iT
  • Speaking Engagements
    • Our analysts have spoken at all the major cloud, virtualization and infrastructure events
  • Customized Content
    • Product Reviews
    • White papers
    • Research papers

Membership or Partnership

  • As a Member
    • Minimum 3 months
    • Access to our Research Portal
    • Research is updated weekly, monthly, and quarterly
  • As part of a Content Creation project
  • Consulting
  • Research Partner
    • We can use our distribution channel (web, newsletter, social media) to promote your content
    • Minimum of 3 months, renewable quarterly
    • Access to Research Portal
    • Placement on Website
    • Industry Calendar
    • Featured within our Podcasts
    • Listed within our Newsletter(s)
  • Newsletter Sponsorship


  • As we prefer to create customized content to suit your needs, we price accordingly. However, our prices generally start at less than $5K but have gone up to over $30K for an in-depth analysis of the market, our client’s technologies and implementation recommendations
  • Please email elh@virtualizationpractice.com or submit a form via Request one of our Packages to discuss your requirements

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