ITOA Types of Data

PerformanceManagementAny part of any infrastructure, application, or cloud is data. Data is used by applications, and myriad data is presented to IT organizations for their use, edification, insights, and more. But what really is this data? Can we classify the types of data in some way? Data classifications should not be just “structured” and unstructured”; they must go deeper than that. To understand how IT operations analytics (ITOA) can act on data, we first need to classify data into something we can comprehend. ITOA leads to insights that can be used to predict capacity, track applications, and tell us when we have security events.

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The Small Business IT Skill Challenge

CloudComputingI live in a small city in a small country. As a result, there are a lot of small businesses all around me. Law firms with three partners, shipping companies with a couple of dozen trucks, and building companies with under a hundred staff. Almost all of the businesses where I live are small. Take a moment to look around at the businesses in your town or city. I’m sure there are a few big businesses. But for every person who works at a big company, there is at least one who works at a small business. Small businesses are a big deal because there are so many of them. This makes the IT challenges of small businesses a big deal as well. One significant issue for small businesses is getting access to people with the right IT skills.

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Has AWS Peaked?


There can be no real arguing against the fact that Amazon Web Services reigns supreme with regard to public cloud. Its recently announced quarterly results show that AWS is not only gaining revenue, but actually making a “small” surplus. OK, maybe not so small: a tad over half a billion dollars, compared to a $57 million loss for the same quarter in 2015.

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Priorities of Uninterrupted Data Access

VirtualizationBackupThose of you who know me know that disaster recovery is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. For those of you whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting, I have spent most of my professional career working in Florida; I hope that offers a little insight into my special interest in disaster recovery.

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